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Do you have DMSO experience?

Asked by MissA (7391points) July 21st, 2010

Have you used this for pain? If so, what was your pain and how long did you experience relief?

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Tell us what DMSO is, please

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@gailcalled: DMSO is short for dimethyl sulfoxide—an organic, sulfur-rich substance found in the woody part of trees.

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@MissA What kind of pain are you trying to treat? (if it isn’t too personal)

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I have only know it to be used as a solvent and carrier for drugs, since it penetrates skin so well. It’s occasionally used on it’s own in veterinary medicine, but again, more commonly as a method of topically introducing another drug.

Also, if you spill it on yourself, you get a really bad taste in your mouth.

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I tried DMSO as a treatment for muscle and joint pain and had only moderate benefits. It does make your breath smell like onion or garlic because of the sulphur compounds it introduces to your body. It may work for you if used for pain. I use a 12% Ketamine cream that works much better, obtained by prescription.

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Wouldn’t emu oil work nearly as well without the side affects? It has its own uses as an anti inflamatory as well as carrying other substances through the skin.

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I was applying it to a horse’s leg and was not using gloves. You can taste it in your mouth immediately. I had to do the leg for a month. I had a wrist that became pain free at the end of that time. I thought that was great until I learned of the side effects and won’t use it on a horse injury now without gloves on. @syz explains why it is used for horses.

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I have heard that some folks experience relief from neuropathy by using it. I believe emu oil was in this particular concoction.

@MaryW what type of side effects are you talking about?

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It is smelly.

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@MissA Was this brought up by Dr Donuhue’s column yesterday? The article said the FDA has not approved DMSO for pain relief, only for bladder treatments. I’ll PM you as well.

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I am surprised that the FDA has approved it at all. It is a natural substance and does not require FDA approval….or so I think.

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So, @plethora does that mean you’d use it or not?

@Adirondackwannabe I have diabetic herve pain.

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I have used it for joint pain, not diabetic nerve pain. It works, but a 20% Ketoprofen cream works much better. However, DMSO is cheap and the cream is expensive.

DMSO is also greasy and smells bad. Several applications per day required. The cream is greasy too, but it really works, and requires only one application a day for me.

For the cream, I just my doctor what I wanted and why and he wrote a prescription. It has to be compounded.

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