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Do you accept friend requests from persons you don't know on Facebook?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33152points) July 21st, 2010

I received a friend request from a person I don’t know and with whom I have no mutual friends on Facebook. We live no where close to each other. Does this happen to you? What do you do about it? Do you accept the request or ignore it?

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Happens all the time and absolutely not. I also mark that I don’t know them.

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unless I know the person (or have heard about them through a mutual friend i.e. sally talks about megan all the time and megan wants to add me to her page) then no, I would not add them. It’s just too risky with all the junk on the internet. Be careful who you add. Also, if you don’t really know them that much, you could always put them in a category. Like I have a category for friends from school, one with friends from the Kingdom Hall (church), and family.

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I don’t accept requests from people I haven’t in person; that’s my rule.

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Absolutely, positively not. And not even from a lot of people I do know.

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I usually don’t, but I’m glad I did recently. She turned out to be a girl I went to high school with, but didn’t immediately remember and I just recently scored a first date with her :-)

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If I’m trying to network, then yes. I do Photojournalism and have a photography page, that I would allow strangers to be friends with. No harm done. BUT if it’s a PERSONAL account like my Facebook, Then yes I do mind !

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Nope. And, my settings are pretty damn private, as well. I don’t need my fellow co-workers finding me on there.

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I am on Facebook. Mostly because I didn’t want someone else to take my name. I have one friend, who is a real friend. And that’s it. I suppose it’s good to be “out there” for reasons like @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard mentioned….someone out of my past that I care about might be looking for me.

In which case, I will allow that name through…and I will have two friends…:)

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Absolutely totally never. My Facebook is strictly for people I know offline. And my profile is completely locked down and private.

On my blogs and other networking sites I’m more flexible.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard I’d agree on talking to them after never seeing them in a long time. Nice job on the date by the way. But most of the people I have on facebook (which is why there are only 49 of them) are people I’ve met face to face like @downtide and @DominicX said and that’s it. Most of them I’ve met once but I always try to meet the person in the flesh if they are a friend of someone I know personally like I said in my first answer. Hope this helps! Remember, facebook isn’t always about getting the most friends!

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No, never.

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Don’t tell anybody, but I added a few people so I could expand my Farmville Farm. I’m so ashamed…

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@knitfroggy shame shame, just kidding…I guess not always a bad thing but in general, people shouldn’t compete with friends for the most friends on facebook.

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@CakeEater99Banks No, I’m in my 30s. I’m not trying to win any Facebook friend contest. I mostly only have people that I know tho.

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@knitfroggy yeah, I’m just kidding.

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Nope. That’s dangerous. I only accept my friends in real life. :)

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I accept some people I know from online and some from in person. I am picky about it though. I don’t have everyone I went to school with, just the people I enjoy talking to and want to keep in touch with. The people that I add from online are people I have chatted with regularly and it’s another means to keep in touch with them (most of them are other military spouses).

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I have quite a few friends I’ve only known online. Many are through my husband’s online forum, and they are the people I’ve connected most with. A lot of them I eventually met in real life, and there are more I’ll meet this fall when several of them are traveling here for a class. There are also some Jellies that I’m friends with on Facebook.

A couple of times I’ve had friend requests from people I don’t know at all. Some of them are artists, and I think they are trying to network and assume I’m an artist because I’m friends with so many. Others are from a website I used to frequent, but I didn’t interact with them much so didn’t even consider adding them on facebook.

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No. IMHO it is just asking for trouble. Who goes around requesting friendships from random people they don’t know?

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No – never.

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I accept most friend invitations on FB. I don’t put anything important on there including my real name and my account is purely for socializing with online friends and playing games.

I have rl friends added on my account but I wouldn’t want to tell them through a website that I wouldn’t want anyone else to know.

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Definitely not. I don’t always accept them when I do happen to know them either.

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For sure not. It’s happened a few times that people have mistaken me for someone else, but lately i don’t bother finding out who they are, i just ignore their friend request.

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