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What is it about aging that changes your perception of how things taste?

Asked by poofandmook (17282points) July 22nd, 2010

…that’s pretty much it.

Example: When I was a kid I despised baked beans, and now as long as they’re not cheapo Campbell’s or something, I like them a lot.

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I know that as we grow older, we lose the taste buds on the sides and roof of the mouth, leaving only the ones on our tongues. These become less sensitive with time as well.

Also, a large part of how we perceive taste comes from our sense of smell, and that’s often less acute as we get older too.

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everything tastes good to me! then and now! If my appetite is bad, someone needs to call 911 !

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BoBo, i concure with your answer. i still like the same foods now as when as i was fifteen. my wife says she is a lucky lady, since i will eat just about anything she prepares for dinner.

I do hate anchovies. did then, do now.

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as a child I absolutely loved sour things. Now I dont really care for sour stuff.

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@john65pennington that is wild…anchovies is the only thing i don’t eat.

Grandmother on a Sunday morning said to my mother, “I’m cooking two chickens, one for us and one for your son!” loll

Us big guys John did not get this way being picky eaters!

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@john65pennington: I’m talking about younger than your teenage years. I think once you hit those, your tastes pretty much stay the same.

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@poofandmook: Through an act of will, I have recently been willing to eat mushrooms, avocados and lima beans, although not with great gusto.

I was a really picky eater as a kid..cooked fruit (aka apple pie) was disgusting, I thought.

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@ChazMaz: Thanks, but duh :P

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Because a lot of stuff you didn’t like as a kid had more to do with your attitude about it and less about how it tastes. My ex wife hated vegetables. Needless to say, my kids picked up on this and did not like them either, and it has taken me 10 years to repair that damage. But lets face it-When I was a little kid I thought girls were a waste of time. Not any more. It’s the attitude, not the tongue. As regards food I mean.

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Its all in the taste buds, just like everything in your body its slowly evolves and becomes efficient and then later starts to digress. When your taste buds are young they are changing all the time and become very fine tuned to taste, when you begin to get older with age they are not as sharp and end up becoming less active or less cooperative with each other. Sometimes you lose some taste buds all together and it ends up changing the way you intemperate taste.

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I haven’t noticed and I’ve been around a while.

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I have not noticed this either. I too was picky as a kid but have become more adventuresome as I aged. I think it was due to traveling in foreign countries and the only choice was eat native or starve!

It might be a good thing if the deliciously fattening foods suddenly started to taste less desirable!

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