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What have people been doing to land a job in this economy?

Asked by aucurtis (45points) July 22nd, 2010

Interested in hearing the methods people are using to find employment in with the unemployment rate being so high.

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Network, network, network.

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Kissing the asses of the people I AM employed with.

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One big tip is to already be working somewhere when you apply to a new job. Employers are 10x more likely to hire those that have existing (relevant) jobs at the time of the interview than those that don’t.

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Maybe its just me, but I haven’t had a terrible lot of trouble finding jobs.

I graduated college last June, degree in chemistry. I had 3 months left at my student job before they could no longer keep me. It took me about a month to land a FT job using my degree for Nestle through a contractor (so not ideal, but a job). That job ended a month and a half later for no apparent reason (or at least none they told me). So I was back to just the student job for like 2–3 weeks. Thinking I was screwed I applied for and got another part time job at the local microcenter (like Best Buy but not as well known), and then about 2 weeks after that I had another FT job using my degree through a different contractor.

A month or two later I quit the microcenter part time job cuz it sucked, and a month after that I found a new part time job working for a family with an autistic child off craigslist.

Then in April of this year, the company I was contracted out to hired me on permanently.

I guess I’m just having good luck.

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I do not think it is an issue of finding a job.
It is finding one that pays you enough to survive. Even prosper.

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Application spamming, coupled with a willingness to do what work is offered.

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Currently seeking employment, I’m still working for the same company I’ve been with for some time now but feel I need a change, I’ve signed up to various agencies in my local area…got my first interview coming up soon….. ;-)

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The unemployed people in my family sign up with as many agencies as they can find, send resume’s to companies that advertise jobs they qualify for, and receive tips from friends and family, but all to no avail. Sonny has been out of work since December, and my three adult grandsons and their mother have been out of work since February.

@ChazMaz My son had to pass on two part time job offers the past couple of months because they pay less than he is getting from General Assistance and WIC

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Looking, looking, looking, every place and any place. I read somewhere that some people have “given up” even trying to find a job, which makes NO sense to me what-so-ever.

I’m working now.

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When laid off from a job as an exec. asst. then I halved my income by taking jobs on call as receptionists and cashiers. I’m in the process of losing my home even though I put in crazy hours but the silver lining is etched with the words, ”you can build again…

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I went to industry meetings of the industry I wanted to get in. I just showed up. I introduced myself. I said I’d work for free (since I was on Unemployment, I had that luxury).

I worked free for about a month, then got hired.

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Lying about credentials and taking jobs for which they are overqualified.

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This is so true! My little sister learned the tough way that Trader Joe’s isn’t interested in someone who’s got advanced degrees starting at entry level. She was stumped but we mentioned many companies are suspicious of the overqualified because they think the employee will have more ego in relation to the pay, will stick around only until benefits kick in and they can use them up, will bolt at first opportunity for a “real job”, etc., will cause animosity if promoted over someone else with fewer (if any) degrees but more on the job experience/time.

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