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Why do most people dislike Martha Stewart?

Asked by jz1220 (829points) March 20th, 2008

Let’s go back to before she was indicted for the insider trading scandal.
Why was there so much negativity attached to her and her image?

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Because if i thought satan was in disguise as some person on this earth i would guess Martha Stewart. She just always gave off this evil vibe to me.

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She presents a image of perfection. The perfect wife, the perfect house, and the perfect host.

Pretty much she is a ball of unreasonable expectations that most can never achieve. She is the domestic Heidi Klum.

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She always seems so smug. And she comes off as condescending. Showing everyone things they can do to dress up their house, their parties, or their chicken is one thing. Making people feel like they can’t live up to her standards – but they should – is another.

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@ fluthermother: so completely agree. Her segments on the Today Show are the best example of her horrible attitude. And her accent – please.

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Its probably more of a love hate thing. I know there are many people who adore her and some that cannot stand her. Being in the public eye tends to bring out the more extreme feelings in people. Some are jealous of her success, some are put off by her methods of achieving said success and few actually know the person rather than the persona.

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I don’t like her because she seems so pointlessly superficial. I’ve met too many people like that – perfect house, perfect coiffure, perfect manicure, perfect clothes, and nothing of value or interest to do or say.

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Because she presents as cold, detached, and unfeeling. People have difficulty connecting to someone who presents that way.

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And smug….she always seems smug to me.

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