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Should I buy a hydration pack to ride 8-10 miles on my bike?

Asked by 2late2be (2289points) March 20th, 2008 from iPhone

or should I just brought with a simple bottle of water? What do you think?

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I don’t think you need to buy a hydration pack for a ride that’s 8–10 miles. My dad is really into cycling and he only uses that if he goes on a long trip like across the state. I think you should just hydrate yourself properly before your ride, and bring a bottle of water. But it also depends on what you think, if you know you drink a lot of water then go for the hydration pack.

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Hydrate before the ride. If the ride is less than ~45 minutes, just bring a bottle of water. Anything longer than that you’ll want something with electrolytes to replenish your salts. A good rule of thumb that I follow is to take a drink once every mile. Remember, if you feel thirsty while you are riding, you are probably already dehydrated.

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Is this ride just a one time deal or do you plan on doing other rides? I would suggest that, if a one time deal, bring enough water, but don’t bother with buying something special. But then, if you feel that you would be more comfortable with a hydration pack and thus injest more water, then by all means. You can use it walking or running too (if it is the same one I saw on a friend).

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I bought a camelback for riding and ended up using it for other things to like hiking or just walking around. Its nice to have. I’d say go for it if you’ll think you’ll use it. I bought one that also was a backpack, so it is great for hiking to put snacks in and such. They also have ones just meant for biking which are just hydration packs w/o space to put anything else. I’d go for the full backpack one personally. It all depends if you think you’ll use it again, and the way I see it, its better to have more water then not enough.

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I bicycle that every day, two times, to and from my work. Hydration is not an issue unless there is a blistering heat. It’s a relatively short ride, in my opinion, not requiring any extra hydration.

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Where do you live? I live in southern Louisana and could die from sweating in the high heat and humidity on a ten mile ride. I have and need a hydration pack.

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@gooch, true that!

In Texas, a ride that distance in hilly terrain between May and October (temps range from 90’s to 110 and even beyond) can easily dehydrate a person to the point of incapacitation. We’ve seen people die on the trail here.

It also depends on your level of fitness and experience. If you’re Lance Armstrong then it wouldn’t be an issue at all… but then anyone with anything near that level of experience wouldn’t hafta ask. ;-)

That said, get the cheapest one you can find. If you are in a really hot area or planning extended distance, consider upgrading to the cheapest 100oz. size.

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yah good points on location. if the weather is mild, a bottle is fine. super hot, get a camelback, why not?

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