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What are some good colleges to double major in television/film acting and directing with a minor in script writing?

Asked by AaronMG (8points) July 23rd, 2010

I am an upcoming senior in high school and am looking at colleges. I would like to major in tv/film acting and also major in film directing with a minor in script writing. I need some guidance with finding a few colleges where this would be possible. Any help would be great. Thanks

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Right now I have found Academy of Art University, the Los Angeles Film School, and Brooks Institute. Are there any others?

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UCLA is well respected in this field.

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Look into USC (University of Southern California), NYU (New York University), or UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles)

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In the midwest, Southern Illinois University has a great program and so does Columbia College in Chicago. I majored in what you are asking about and most any place I applied here all said we only hire Southern or Columbia grads.

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USC, NYU are the two colleges most of my friends went to. I couldn’t afford either one of them, so I went to a private school. The pros of my situation was that going to a smaller school meant smaller class sizes. This allowed me many more opportunities than a large university would, for example, I’m the current Film Club President, I get to use the video equipment whenever I want, and I’m on the campus film committee (which works to show films on campus).

The only drawback was that my school tends to specialize in journalism/documentary film making, while I’m more interested in feature films. So I would recommend looking for a private school that still gives you a liberal arts degree, but can help you in whatever film aspect you want to continue onto (especially if you’re interested in directing).

Also, for screenwriting, have you considered a minor in Creative Writing? Most of the kids at my school that were interested in SW switched their major from film to CW because they found it more useful for developing original plot/character development.

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All these suggestions for schools are good, but I worry that you’re only looking for something this specific because you have a lot of dreams, and not because you know that schooling in all these disciplines would suit or even benefit you. Being in school is, for absolutely everybody, not what you’d expect. The whole major/minor system is a bit funny, and only reflects the classes you’ll expose yourself to, not the kind of person you’ll be when you emerge. Reality sets in pretty fast if the program doesn’t turn out just right for you, and even if it does, schooling in and of itself isn’t enough to actively pursue dreams with the passion that creative people feel for them. School is an artificial way of giving people background and experience, and is a nice package for people who aren’t sure where they want to go in life, but a half year of working in the field beats a year of school any day.

I think you’re best off choosing one thing to major in, and accept that you may never graduate from the program, or you may change directions midstream, but it would be worthwhile to learn, nonetheless. Pick somewhere magical to live that also works with your fields of interest, and pursue your other passions in the school and local scenes in a less than strictly academic way, but with the same fire and enthusiasm. You never know what you might find, or what doors will open if you push hard enough. Good luck.

Oh, and for what it’s worth, Academy of Art is pretty beautiful, and there are few places nicer than San Francisco, but it’s pretty bloody expensive. Of course, if something is right for you, too expensive doesn’t exist.

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