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Does Ambian ( the Sleeping Pill ) cause trippiness ? Or blurred vision ?

Asked by Scarlett (915points) July 22nd, 2010

I just recently started talking ambian and it’s supposed to make me sleep but it doesn’t, all i feel is tripped out….......................... Thoughts ?? When I look at the Fluther screen the words and pictures start changing and kinda moving…..........for sure this ain’t normal. Is Ambien supposed to do this ?? I feel like I’m tripping out. HELP.

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I’ve been taking Ambien for 2 years. 5mg and now 10mg. If I take it and go directly to be it can be without incidence. However staying up even ten minutes afterwards can get you in to trouble, or make you the life of the party since you have very lowered inhibitions and act like you’ve had quite a lot to drink. I’ve been know to sing at great lenghts about the Cheeto Bandito and Choo Choo Charlie….don’t ask…please!!!!!!!! My husband reports having marital relations with me, that appharently rather enjoy, but I have absolutely no memory from the time the pill kicks in!!!!! Take Ambien as directed, go to sleep and plan to get 8 hours of fully uninteruppeted sleep and you will feel refreshed and ready to go!!! Go
od luck!!!!

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If you stay up on the stuff you will trip out and then not remember doing it the next day, you’ll wake up to find text messages you didn’t remember sending, things like that, I wouldn’t advise it. You should take the pill and hop right into bed, don’t have your cell phone near you or a computer.

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Bed right away. I took myself off the Ambien, because it made me feel like I was high, and wow was I doing some floating.
You are fine, just take your butt to bed as soon as you take it. No if’s ands or buts about it. :) Nite nite.

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My friends used to take ambien and purposely counter the sleepiness effects by keeping each other awake until they were in a waking dream…I participated in some of these journeys and enjoyed the intense surreal effects we would experience especially while going for long walks throughout the night. Once I climbed a flag pole at our apartment complex and hung a pirate flag…just like a dream, i often struggled to remember these “trips”.
However, on the negative side, it is EXTREMELY dangerous to do anything on ambien alone. We always were together when we did this and thats in my opinion the only reason no one got hurt. There have been many stories of people driving vehicles on ambien…
check this website for info on experiences on ANY mind altering chemicals for your own research…

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i have tried it twice…just half a pill. and I was awake…..with my mind going crazy.
i can see where people could get in big trouble on this.

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That’s really, really common – that’s why it’s abused so much as a drug. I quit taking it because I slept so horribly on it – crazy nightmares, and I’d go to bed, maybe even fall asleep for a bit, then get up and do a bunch of stuff and not remember it the next morning. I kept thinking someone was breaking into my apartment and just hanging out…

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WOW really ??? I had no idea about this…...................I didn’t know you were supposed to go right to sleep too ????

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No wonder the doctor said it was addicting…. but anyway thanks, I thought my mind was just twisting, didn’t know it was a side affect. But yeah it made me feel a little dizzy, and trippy. Now I think when I take it I should just go to bed right away.

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I have had major problems with Ambien in that I’m one of those people who gets up and emails, texts, online shops, etc. The problem that I found with Ambien is that I never felt myself ‘dumping down’ into sleep like I normally do, then all of a sudden, I was dreaming. It’s like I never really shut off. Then, when I woke up in the morning I didn’t feel well-rested and like you, I felt a little wacked out. Even though I have insomnia, I had to get the heck away from that stuff and go back to occasional Benadryl or Nyquil as a half-measure. It’s much less dangerous.

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yesss if you fight ambien you will trip balls. try to go to sleep when this happens, if it bothers you.

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My advice is don’t take it.

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Yep, completely normal. It’s horrible having no memory of what you did or said the night before. I don’t advise it. If you’re going to take one, hope straight into bed.

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Yes it will cause trips if you stay awake and don’t give in to the pill on purpose or you just can’t drop off. Ambian is often abused for that very reason. I can’t count the number of people I’ve known who buy these off of others or get prescriptions from their doctors in order to “get high”. My advice is to not take them.

I battled insomnia for 3yrs straight and nothing I tried to take or do helped much. In fact, you might find you’ll get the same number of sleep hours if you just burn out on your own as you do if you take pills, drink or whatever.

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Stop taking it. Go back to the Doc who prescribed it.

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@Flavio But here’s the problem: all sleeping pills have serious side effects. It’s easy to say that you should just stop taking Ambien when there are better alternatives, or when you just have a couple of restless nights every few years instead of a full-on bout of insomnia, but that’s often not the case.

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By the way Ambien is more of a go to sleep pill, then a sleeping pill. Either way, obviously it is not a good pill for you, if you must take something try another drug.

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no, not all sleeping pills have the same side effects for everyone. What @Scarlett is describing may or may not be caused by the zolpidem. In this situation, it’s best for her to return to her doctor and have a professional evaluation. In the meantime, it’s safest not to take the medication.

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Also, they have found that people who take sleeping aids tend to fall asleep 20 minutes earlier then without a pill. Is it really worth it? You will get addicted if you take them every day. I would assume you tried everything before resorting to pills?

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I’ve just been prescribed it, only 3 pills a week. I had my first the other night…at first didn’t “feel” it working, then i went to the comast menu to change the channel and as the first person ever said, the words were “floating” not staying in place. I chuckled and said ok, laying down now! Barely remember waking up at one point, went to the bathroom. Woke up later that morning and I was sleeping in my robe…when I walked back to the bathroom, I had taken off and thrown my shirt to the ground, and I guess decided to sleep in my robe. Have not experienced any bad dreams.

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