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Waffle House or IHOP?

Asked by jazmina88 (11647points) July 23rd, 2010

I love breakfast. anytime. day or night. we just got our first IHOP in 20 years, an hour and a half wait sometimes. went once, had nice breakfast, awesome lemon pancakes with fruit compote.

But Waffle House omelettes, so fluffy…..hash browns, smothered covered.

and we have wild eggs, avocado omelette, homemade muffins…..
Do you dig breakfast?? and where is your favorite?
i dont cook anymore…..screwed up arms.

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IHOP-the waitress made me laugh.
Yes,that’s my criteria.
I do like a good omlette though:)

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I love IHOP blintzes but we have a “waffle house” home style restaurant here that makes the best breakfasts ever! Everything is fresh squeezed and home made and the breads are amazing!

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Uhm….I don’t know where you live, but the waffle houses in Florida are like the outhouses of the food industry. People really only went there after the club when they were wasted. A guy was smoking a cigarette while grilling food…...

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I prefer IHOP. I’m with @Blackberry where I thought Waffle House was like the slums of breakfast places. It was only one, though. They only took cash, also.

My nearest Waffle House isn’t close enough for me to go again.

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I like IHOP okay but I think they made a branding mistake when they switched from the name International House of Pancakes to iHOP. I’d stop at a place with the word “waffles” or “pancakes” in its name before one that used a corporate acronym. But that’s only me—a marketing guy and a waffle lover from birth.

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I like breakfast, but I hate places like that. They seem unsanitary for some reason…

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I make my own “big hawngry” breakfast.

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Bob Evans.

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Yeah, I like Bob Evans. And Perkins.

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Actually, my favorite thing to do for Sunday breakfast is not eat out but do what my family always did—buy a bunch of stuff at the deli (lox, bagels, cream cheese, creamed herring) and pig out at home. Lox and bagels with easy-over eggs is a heavenly breakfast.

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Neither, will take the Cracker Barrel!

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Oh, right, I like Cracker Barrel, too.

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Waffle house – for waffles and chicken lunch
IHOP for cheese crepes
(My house for eggs and bacon)

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Waffle House for the live entertainment. I have yet to go to one in the U.S. where two waitresses didn’t end up arguing and one ended up in tears. The grill jockey is always either a pot-bellied white man with a cigarette dangling from his mouth, or a pimply-faced teen.

IHOP because they provide a pot of coffee…no waiting for someone to come by and refill the cup.

Cracker Barrel because they have apple butter for the biscuits. Yum!

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IHOPE in general.

Waffle House for steak and eggs.

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I never eat out fro breakfast unless I’m away from home.

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I’m one of those folks that like breakfast foods any time of the day.

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I’ve never been to Waffle House. Perkins, Denny’s, IHOP. That was in Madison, though. I preferred Perkins back then.

Brooklyn has IHOP now, but there’s so many fantastic restaurants that serve a much better brekkie at the same price point, I don’t need to go there. IHOP’s secret is that they put a tablespoon or so of the pancake batter into the eggs.That’s why their omelettes are so fluffy. I saw the chef at the IHOP near my old college apartment do it one time. He got a little miffed that I saw him.

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Its pretty tough to screw up waffles or pancakes. If you like that stuff, I am sure that they are both OK. It has been years and years since I have been in either Waffle House or IHOP, and I have to confess in both cases it was 3 am and I was a little drunk. Now, I don’t get drunk, and I am rarely awake until 3am.

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IHOP for cheese blintzes, decent self-serve coffee and sentimental reasons. Late nights on design projects in grad school made me a regular patron of an Atlanta IHOP about 25 years ago.

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Never had Waffle House, and I don’t like IHOP. I can’t stand their omelets, they are just too fluffy, and I’m not a huge fan of their pancakes either.

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Waffle House is only two blocks from me, so I can walk over there. We choose IHOP when we are traveling. The best place to eat breakfast is a tiny, family owned restaurant called Cornerstone

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I like breakfast anytime of day. Though I prefer to make my own, if I have to eat it out I like going to a Coney Island for breakfast. The food is fresh, the meal is hearty and the pancakes are um, um, um, di-lishous.

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I’m totally waffle house. I’m not sure if that makes me white trash or not, but wow – I love waffle house. Mostly the atmosphere and their amazing chocolate chip waffles AND HASHBROWNS!

IHOP doesn’t seem like a place I could sit back and relax in. Plus, I kind of like the idea of the cook smoking while making eggs.

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@jeffgoldblumsprivatefacilities Love Jim Gaffigan
I’ve been to many of Both. IHOP and Waffle House.
At IHOP most of the time the food looks good the waitressses are OK, and the cooks are hidden behind a slightly open kitchen (which lets face it, is a good thing)
At Waffle House the food looks disgusting, the waitresses looks like she just did meth in the dumpster behind the place, and the cooks are right out in the open (yes I saw you spit in my home-fries)

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I feel like I should mention that I went to school for culinary arts, and have worked in the restaurant industry for 12 years. I only worked in one chain restaurant for one year while still working at another Mom and Pop restaurant. I am very familiar with how they run . I would go to a Mom and Pop eatery that I heard good things about over any chain establishment any day of the week. With all the shows you see on TV now (IE) Kitchen Nightmares, Kitchen Impossible and the like giving Mom and Pops a bad name. Peoples have to realize that is less that ⅓ of the private food service industry. Most privately owned food establishments are taken care of well, and kept sanitary and clean. I think people would be surprised what they would find in some chain restaurant kitchens. I know this is off subject a bit but I just bashed Waffle House and I do not want anyone to thinks it’s from being an uneducated diner. I know what to look for and would go with IHOP over any of the Waffle houses I’ve been in any day. On that note. Waffle House is still owned by the two gentlemen that started it back in 1955. They franchise out the name just like McDonald’s and Dunkin Donuts. So they are not at ever single business to check quality. You can have a different experience at three different restaurants within a 20 mile radius because they are all run by different owners. The same goes with IHOP, Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s or any other restaurant that is set up in a franchise fashion. Chains are different they usually have a central food prep kitchen that does most of the heavily involved prep to keep everything tasting and looking the same and then it is finished in the actual facility (IE) Chillies, Macaroni Grill, Outback Steak House just like a franchise, but they are monitored better than most franchises. I know I went a bit nuts here but, this and often times the hired help are the reason there are differences among food establishments. The people making your food and the others who control the quality, like the management and even the servers are really responsible for how good the food is in a particular institution.
Good Eating to All

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