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What is your favorite breakfast?

Asked by XrayGirl (529points) September 14th, 2008

What is a fantasy place you would like to have breakfast someday?

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i’d like to have breakfast in bed….in bed with the fluther girls

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Anything with bacon YUMMMMMMM BACON
Bacon Ice Cream
it really doesnt matter, just give me some damn bacon. ^_^

As far as my fantasy place to have breakfast, well thats easy, in bed with iwamoto

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I have three favorites: Eggs Benedict with extra-crispy bacon on the side. French Toast (made with real french bread and vanilla), with two eggs (over easy), and extra-crispy bacon. Last but not least is Sausage Gravy with pancakes and eggs made by my husband. I don’t care where or at what time of day I eat these meals. I could eat breakfast for dinner every day.

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My favorite breakfast is called the big breakfast, eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, home fries, with toast, or pancakes, coffee, and orange juice or an everything but the kitchen sink omelet with toast and home fries with coffee and orange juice. Where? at some resort where the thought of work doesn’t even come to mind.

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Full English, that way I don’t need lunch and probably only a light supper

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My favorite breakfast? It doesn’t really matter what is consists of, as long as it contains some exotic, local tropical fruit, hand squeezed juice, some concoction by a gourmet chef, and it’s served to me on the balcony of my suite overlooking the unspoiled, uncrowded and remote beach where I’m staying.

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Well I oftan hed over to my chums house (Lizmore Castle) for a terably posh meal, and maby bet a few pounds on the horses (I must say pounds as that is what they call them)

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Breakfast sandwiches with egg, cheese & sausage, yummmm!

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You won’t believe this, syz, but that’s basically the way I spent my college breaks. It was a tough life, believe me. The only thing that I can add is that I had my adopted Hawaiian cat on the lanai with me, fishing for crabs off the boat dock.

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That’s just cruel. I hate you.

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@Uberbatman- The sound of that at first doesn’t sound good at all, but then the pictures you put just made it seem 150% better, haha

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If it makes you feel any better, syz, if I had known you then, I would have invited you over.

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Aww. Ok, I take it back. Want to go back to Belize with me?

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I would like to walk out of my hut on the beach in the tropics and pick freh fruit from a tree and eat it.

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I spent a few days in Playa Del Carmen in the Mayan Peninsula-fresh papaya, mango, pineapple with a typical Mexican breakfast of Eggs and green chiles, beans, corn tortillas (Huevos con chilaquiles) and a Mimosa with freshly squeezed orange juice and champagne…and an optional ceviche of lobster, shrimp and fresh fish…awesome.

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Anyone up for cold pizza from last night? Nutricious, full of much-needed energy, and doesn’t require any prep (not even a plate). How can a breakfast sooo good be this easy to prepare? :)

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I eat peanut butter toast almost every morning.

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I’m not much of a breakfast eater. Everything gives me a stomach ache until I am fully awake. (I wish I weren’t that way, but I have been since I was a kid.) Actually, I like Sunday brunches. A really good eggs benedict or the right omelette with a Mimosa does me just fine.

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Default breakfast (What I Usually Order): Eggs Benedict
Breakfast That I Miss: Traditional Japanese Breakfast w/ Fresh Fish
minus the raw egg in rice…the taste is fine, but the foam grosses me out
Best Breakfast After/During A Hangover: Orange Juice and Cold Spaghetti
Best Breakfast: I’m going to have to go with Marina’s answer.

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Boudin and beer

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croissants and crepes at the top of the Eiffel Tower!

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with strawberries and champagne!

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I like a protein heavy breakfast otherwise I seem to be hungry before I even make it to work. Huevos Rancheros with black beans does the trick nicely.

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At my local diner: a short stack of chocolate chip pancakes, wheat toast, a side of bacon, a side of corned beef hash, and a big glass of milk.

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French toast with orange sauce and maybe some bacon on the side. Cinnamon spiced coffee.

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Chicken and Waffles

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oohhhh…I’m in the south….death on a platter, thank you! Biscuits and Gravy (sausage is a must with this!) and a glass of milk. Of course, for the rest of the day, I feel incredibly guilty and eat light!

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Ooooo, cak, I love the taste of those, too. But the rest of the day I’d feel like there was a big rock in my gut and have to eat light. :^>

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LOL…me too. It’s salad or fruit and soup for dinner! I can’t take anything else heavy.

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Ha! I hear that! Maybe that’s why breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Once you have biscuits and gravy or pancakes with syrup then you have to get your healthy foods later in the day. So, a bad breakfast can be a good catalyst for healthy eating. Yeah, that’s it. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.:^>

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LOL!!! SO true!

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Y’all are forgetting the PLACE you’d like to have breakfast!

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Ah, you’re right, stratman. There are a lot of places that I’d love, but I’ll just pick one and say—On a large sail boat in the Caribbean. :^>

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That is a good one,At the breakfast can t miss a coffe,My menu is mixe up.That containes lots of hamy things helthy one{{{fruit,ham,yogurtes atd…......}}}}}If it could be my favourite breakfast be so on the sunrise next to the sea with good company,.......

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path: your menu’s not the only thing that’s mixed up!

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Sausage biscuit with egg and strawberry jelly….in winter time maple and brown sugar oatmeal and hot chocolate

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The breakfast I was served in a youth hostel was perfect. Coffee with cream. Kaiser rolls, toasted with butter and marmalade, strawberries. Sitting with friends in the morning sun with a phenominal view of Salzburg.

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I love waking up late and going to Momofuku in NYC for breakfast. Most people call it lunch time but the staff knows that if they see me before 3 pm. It’s likely my first meal of the day. I get shrimp and grits with heirloom Berkshire pork bacon. Sometimes with some oysters or a pork bun to start. Mmm. Breakfast.

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anywhere else I go for breakfast there may be many variables but here is the constant- bacon and bloodies. And a few friends.

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two eggs over easy over hash brown casserole. that is just one of many

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bacon and hash browns…give me grease. And a side of tums…

Eaten at a poolside table at The Turtle Bay Resort in Maui, Hawaii.

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So many options!
Red Baron Deluxe Breakfast Pizzas. Drool.
Oh and a big bowl of cottage cheese and bananas w/lemon juice squirted on and mashed on the side.
And then the simple, toast with butter and grape jelly.
Oh! And corned beef hash cooked until it’s BROWN and there are crunchy bits.

I think breakfast is my favorite meal.

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I’ve got two: Salmon croquettes with scrambled eggs, cheese grits and buttermilk biscuits with peach preserves,


Full English, which I can get an OK version of down the road from me at an English-run restaurant. The best I’ve had were at a restaurant in Sydney (near Vaucluse, I think?) overlooking the ocean, and at a tiny caf run by a couple of Turkish guys in London’s Stoke Newington borough.

Yorkshire Gold tea is the drink of choice for both.

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I love pancakes and fruits, but my ULTIMATE favorite breakfast food is something called “oyster noodles.”

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Bacon and eggs and a grilled tomato, some hash browns with onion, green pepper and jalapenos mixed in. Some salsa on the side. An English muffin with jam, and coffee. I have heard people refer to a “full English breakfast.” What is that?

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My number one is-Huevos Rancheros.
Smoke Herring, on a a great whole grain cracker or flat bread when I am being health conscious.
Or, medium boiled eggs with chipotle tobasco sauce.

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French toast with strawberries on the top with syrup!
An egg omlet with bacon and a Crossant, bagel or biscuit on the side. And with Cheese.
Hash brown with pepper with bacon.
And some fruits!
A chocolate chip Waffle. or Blueberry muffin.

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French fries and omelets.

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Crepes filled with strawberries.

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When I’m at home, I usually have some Grapenuts cereal and a piece of whole wheat toast and a glass of fresh orange juice. When I go out for breakfast, which is rare, I love a meal of pancakes, eggs over easy and really good home fries with a glass of fresh grapfruit juice. My second meal, that I probably love even more is huevos rancheros. I’m starting to drool just thinking about it. I haven’t yet had breakfast : (

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Biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, bacon and pancakes.

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