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What is the procedure for voting for a representative for congress, and where do I start?

Asked by Dutchess_III (43238points) July 23rd, 2010

I’ve never voted to elect a politician other than the president, but I sure as hell am going to vote for a congressman this year. But…I don’t know when the elections are. And someone told me that you have to have some kind of “special” voters registration to do so, something other than the one I carry in my bill fold.

They keep talking about July 25th, as if it’s an important date, and I don’t know what’s happening on July 25th. Are the elections in November?

As I said, I’ve never voted for anyone other than the president, but the republican “vote for me for congress” are down right nauseating. Two of them do nothing but completely bash the other. I mean, total trash. I kid you not—Wink Hartman’s campaign slogan is “Pompeo. Another politician you can’t trust.” Just last night there was yet a third candidate who said he was going to vote to repeal Obamacare and he was going to “Stick it to Obama and Pelosi!!!” WTF???? What kind of ignorant, redneck, trailer trash following is he trying to get?

I’m voting for Raj Goyle. I’ve seen one of his commercials. He was calm, cool, intelligent, and didn’t say one single negative word about any one. In fact, he gave a respectful nod to the politicians ”...both Democratic and Republican…” that he’s worked with on common issues. He was a good representative of the Democratic party and a good representative of me.

So, how do I do my part to get him elected?

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If you are registered to vote in your district, you can vote in any general election. If you want to vote in a primary, you need to pick a party. Call the local Board of Elections for specific details.

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@gailcalled What’s a primary?

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Oh, dear. Do some reading about elections. This should be common knowledge.

And if you want to help get this guy elected, volunteer to work on his campaign.

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As Gail mentioned, find the office which handles voter registration and confirm you are registered. It my be the Board of Elections, it may be the County Clerk – depends on your county.

It looks like your primary is Aug 3rd. , when the parties choose their candidates for the general election in November

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Whoa, there. You mean they now let women vote in Kansas?

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@bob_ There you are! I’ve been looking for you all over! Go here

Other than that, shut up!

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There are several different kinds of elections. You will be voting for local, state, and federal candidates. Most states have a primary election to choose one candidate from each party to run in the general election.

Before the primary election, there will usually be several candidates wanting to represent their party in the general election, and in hopes of winning the most votes. This group is narrowed to one per party.

To become involved in your government, volunteer for the candidate or party that you want to represent you and go to work.

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Thank you @YARNLADY I was afraid to ask any more questions….

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All you have to do is go vote (since you are already registered). Of course, please be informed about the candidates if you are going to vote. You may not be allowed to vote in every election held at your polling location. An example would be city elections when you do not actually reside in that city. You can vote in national, state, county, and city (where you reside) elections by registering only once.

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