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When Nancy Pelosi uses "military aircraft" to travel, is it done according to regular military schedule? Or do they provide the service at her beck and call?

Asked by Kraigmo (9101points) November 20th, 2010

I always hear criticisms of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi using military aircraft instead of civilian airlines when traveling.

My grandparents (retired government) use military aircraft as well. But it’s not like they can call the Army or Air Force up and demand a plane. They just use military planes that are already traveling for other purposes.

Is Nancy Pelosi merely using the same service my grandparents use?

Or do they arrange private jets for her?

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She is provided a jet. See here.

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The Speaker of the House was extended the use of government planes after 9/11 by President Bush. At the time, it was Republican Dennis Hastert who flew over 100 times in military aircraft.

Speaker Pelosi simply followed the plan.

Here are the facts from Fact

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They arrange a private jet for her. Here’s A bit more information on the actual use and controversy. It’s still a couple years old and I haven’t heard much about it since.

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Thanks @marinelife and @Jaxk. I now know that this military jet issue is yet another red herring from people who are determined to do far worse things in life.

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Mmmm red herrings my favorite republican dish. Pretty much the only thing they know how to cook.

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It says in the article @marinelife posted that she only uses military for flying between DC and California. If it is for security purposes doesn’t it seem like it should be for 100% of the flying she does?

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