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Is there anything that causes you to experience the "uncanny valley"? If so, what is it, and to what do you attribute those feelings?

Asked by phaedryx (6118points) July 23rd, 2010

Here’s a brief description from wikipedia:

“The theory holds that when robots and other facsimiles of humans look and act almost like actual humans, it causes a response of revulsion among human observers.”

Uncanny Valley

I don’t have a problem with lifelike robots, zombies, etc. The one thing that really creeps me out, though, is reborn dolls.

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I don’t like those life size cardboard cutouts. I will almost always do a mini freak out if I see one out of the corner of my eye, even if I know it’s right there “waiting” for me. My intellect knows that there’s no real person standing there, but my instinct feels really creeped out that there is “someone” right there standing very still and staring at me.

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Robots freak me out if they LOOK like robots. I call them ‘naked robots’ like the ones in Terminator. I really don’t like them. Other than that I don’t massively have a problem with it. Oh, apart from china dolls, those things really suck. I have no idea why anyone would have those creepy little things in their house… Oh my word, I just clicked on your link. Pretty weird, but no ‘uncanny valley’ .. I think I prefer it when these things look more normal and human to be perfectly honest.

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I’m ok with the robots, but like you, the reborn dolls just creep me out.

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You know what bothers me? It’s this vampire robot thing. Robots that suck your blood, you know? Everyone and their brother wants to be a vampire these days, and those people what can’t make a pact with the devil are tryin’ a buy a vampire robot. Tell me where there’s a store, and I’ll show you a bunch of people didn’t make it there in time.

I made a pact with the devil once. I wanted to have pancakes with real maple syrup every morning. Boy! I had a deuce of a time getting out of that one. I had to promise him a third-hand left eyebrow on the morning of my death, which was a pretty hefty deal, until I realized I wouldn’t be needing that eyebrow much longer at that time, anyway.

But the vampire thing? Remember good ol’ Vlad? The impaler dude? Who used to, like, cut off the heads of townspeople he didn’t like and post them on the ramparts of his castle? Townspeople never really understood this behavior so they decided he must be drinking their blood. Plus he always did his dastardly deeds at night.

Vampirism just can’t be taken seriously any more. Do you know how many 14 year old female vampires (why aren’t there any males?) are running around these days? They dress all goth and whatnot and imagine themselves to be dark mysterious, tortured and oh god it is so meaningful.

You know, we oughtta be outraged at the feminine takeover of vampirism. They all want to have Edward Cullen bite their necks. Listen sweetums. There’s only so many necks he can bite!

So the revulsion is natural. I mean, Edward Cullen? Fourteen year old vampire robots? Would you be caught dead near them? I mean, I hope not because in my book, that’s child molestation. Besides which, you don’t die immediately when a vampire robot bites you.

But yeah. I’m staying away. I got my garlic and my pitchfork and my flashlight and extra batteries, and believe me, I know how to use them!

Although how they got the robots to be able to sniff garlic, I’d love to know.

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@wundayatta you just made my day

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Human is what human does.

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Final Fantasy. I am repulsed by the people in this type of CGI. Watching this trailer makes me want to turn away. Interesting idea.

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Reborns give me the willies, I agree. I do a lot of digital texturing for 3D animations… so uncanny valley is something that I’m pretty familiar with. (Though, I only just recently learned the term.)

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Reborn dolls (or any realistic dolls representing children) give me the creeps. I’m not at all revulsed by adult-looking ones.

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