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How to find out if my deceased husband was hiding money from me?

Asked by AshlynM (10229points) July 23rd, 2010

I’ve found information on how to find out if you’re spouse is hiding money from you if you’re going through a divorce but can’t seem to find anything about a deceased spouse.

My husband died a year and a half ago. The marriage was not a good one, and I’m pretty sure he cheated on me while he was alive and I’m also pretty sure he had secret bank accounts I didn’t know about. I doubt that the banks would tell me that information.

Anyone know how to go about finding this out? I know I can hire a private detective, but from what I can tell, that would cost me a fair amount.

Any tips would be helpful. Thanks!!

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If you were the legal married spouse and have a copy of the marriage certificate to prove it along with the death certificate, you can find out just about anything. You will need his SSN (in the states) and you would likely have to be the rightful heir (depending on where you live). In the absence of a will, in my state anyway, the spouse can act as the person when collecting money such as this.

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I’m with @Kayak8 if you are considered to be an executor of the estate and have a letter of testimentary signed by the courts as well as all the official SS#s and such. (depending on where you live) Maybe a credit report would help too? Ask a professional though for more info.

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there are web sites where you search by state and they show assets by name. good place to start. other sites as well.

I just found under $100 for me. I can barely believe it.

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@jazmina88 Thanks for the link! I always check my own state’s list but I didn’t know there was a site to check every state. I have lived in four different states and I checked and apparently, sadly, I didn’t leave behind any forgotten bank accounts, or anything like that, but I did find one of my best friends name on the Texas list and just emailed him to let him know that he was on the unclaimed property list there, so thanks, from me, on his behalf. :)

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If he wanted you to have the money, he probably wouldn’t have hidden it.

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@cheebdragon He’s dead now and if she was still legally married to him when he died it doesn’t really matter what he wanted. It matters what she is legally entitled to. Even if he were still alive, there are community property laws that are supposed to prevent spouses from hiding assets from each other

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What does it matter anyway, he still beat her.

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