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What is everyone's best physical feature?

Asked by mandybookworm (712points) July 23rd, 2010

what do you like best about your body? Hair and fingers don’t count.

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My feet are my best feature. I also have a pretty cute belly button.

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My eyes are my best feature.

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Hair doesn’t count? Well damnit. Because other than that, I look like an ambulant pile of utensils. :D

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I really like my eye color and the bone structure of my face. I have high cheek bones and a nice jawline. Depending on the angle though, I can look like a drag queen in pictures. Lawl. So I have to be aware of the position of my face regarding where the camera is.
I like my lips. The one’s on my face. They’re not too big, not too small.
I also have some really long legs. =)

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I like how my fingers look, combing through my hair, I like my calf muscles. My arms are barely capable of a single pull-up, but my legs could bench-press an african grey elephant.

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Guys usually say it’s my ass.

Personally, I think I have a nice mouth.

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Nice shaped blue eyes. Nice teeth and smile. Babyface. Big shoulders and my butt for some reason. That’s what most girls compliment me on.

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Legs stomach and lips. The rest I could do without :P

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My eyes. They are a pretty color green and have a pretty shape. My mom always said I had big, almond shaped eyes.


I swim a lot, so I have a fairly good physique——I would say my shoulders and legs. I have broad shoulders and strong legs.

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I guess my eyes. My eyes are blue and kind of big. People say nice things about them a lot. :)

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I am a little vain when it comes to my tan, athletic penis—it is just sufficiently vascular to highlight the superbly defined musculature.

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Legs.. I got great legs. But when I check out a guy it’s always the butt

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My spleen!

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My “come to bed now you ravishing beauty” eyes & my “kiss me you crazy passionate fool” lips ;¬X

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My brain. It is kind of exposed.

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My eyes, i suppose.

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I’m crazy about my arse.

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Lol, why not hair or fingers? Seems like pretty arbitrary exclusions…
My best feature is my eyes. Big, brown, nice shape. My boyfriend calls them “Disney eyes.” :P
I also would never dye my red hair a different color, though I’d trade the texture.

I like my hips, and I don’t know what I’d do without my ass. It’s my redemption for having no boobs. Very popular with the men, and my best (straight, female) friends for some odd reason.

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@le_inferno This isn’t a physical trait, but all of the women in our office admired the way a female co-worker sashayed when she walked. None of us can emulate it.

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@rpmpseudonym I can bench-press an African Grey too…

like this

I don’t have one single physical feature that I actually like.

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