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Lump under armpit?

Asked by shadling21 (6501points) December 1st, 2008

So, I’m not going to assume that anyone can diagnose me online. I’m just worried about this weird lump that appeared under my armpit a couple of days ago. Is this normal? I found this forum, in which some users say that it could be anything.

Where does it come from? How do I get rid of it? Will it disappear on its own? It’s annoying.

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Most likely, a lymph node. The armpits are where there are tons of lymph nodes. Did you scratch your arm (i.e. is there an infection there)? Scratched by a cat? Any other problems like fevers, chills, sweats? It could also be a cyst or abscess, but most likely a lymph node.

FYI, (see below), a lymph node “infection” unlikely. They tend not to get “infected”.

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It could be a lymph node infection but suddenly appearing lumps alwats need a dr. It is one of the 7 signs of a possible cancer.

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I’ve gotten swollen lymph nodes there, and also a sebaceous cyst or two in the same area. Listen to shi.

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Thanks, shilolo et al. It could be an infection- I’m not the best at shaving there. No other problems, though. I’m going to see if it disappears within the next couple of days.

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If it doesn’t go away, do see a doctor though. You can never be too careful, eh?

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I get that sometimes too, they usually go away with in a day or so. Someone once told me it was just a a lymph node. For some reason I usually get that when I use Right Guard Deodorant.

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I agree with advice above. Reiterate the importance of follow-up if if doesn’t clear up in a few days. Take care.

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Add me to the shilolo advice fan club. I get swollen lymph nodes when I’ve got some sort of infection going on.

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I recently had a small bump in my armpit too. Didn’t seem like a big deal but then it got all inflamed and grew to the size of a walnut. It hurt like crazy. By the time I got to the doctor it had gotten bigger and I could not lay my arm down normally. The doc put me on antibiotics and then opened up the boil and drained it. It is doing good now but I have been avoiding deoderant or clothes that irritate it. Don’t know if my experience helps you any…but my advice would be to get to the doc soon before it gets all inflamed like mine did.

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My lymph nodes always get enlarged right before I get sick with a cold or the flu (but usually only the ones on the back of my neck). The last time it happened, I had a hard time washing my hair because the darn thing hurt so much. But they go away as soon as they appear (for me). Just keep an eye on it.

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@Les—that is how I know I am about to feel like crap as well. I would say lymph node, or it could be an ingrown hair from shaving.

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I agree with the possibility of it being a shaving mishap or a lymph node. Like RandomMrdan says above, deodorants can sometimes clog pores and cause a lump also, especially if you nicked yourself.

If it were me, I’d give it a couple of days and not worry too much. If it gets bigger or inflamed, definitely check with your doctor, but it most likely will go away on it’s own.

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I got something very similar to that about a year ago. I decided to wait and see what happens and luckily it did go away. If it doesn’t, I agree with all the others…go see the doctor.

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Thanks, all. =)
The lump is pretty much gone. My worries are, too.
But I’ll keep this knowledge in mind if it happens again.

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The bill is in the mail :-)

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@shi: I’m sure the check is too!

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Ok, I’ll check my mailbox. It better get here soon.

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I’m glad it worked out for you!

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a lump… Not trying to scare you but in my rel ed class we talked about this. It could be a tumor. If it is then its in you lymph node and that is the wrost place to have cancer. If you have cancer of the lymph nodes the doctors will say that they can not do anything to save you. Im really sorry if I scared you. I dont really know much on the topic, Im just telling you what brief information I know, whiether or not its actually true Im not sure.

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@desiree333. What is a rel ed class? First, a swollen lymph node, as I mentioned above, is not dangerous. Second, cancers of the lymph nodes (i.e. lymphoma), are actually quite common, and, quite treatable.

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rel ed is short for religous education. Oh sorry I had no idea as I said my teacher told me and I had no actual knowledge of it. But isnt it dangerour if you get cancer then it spreads to your lymph noes or whatever they are called?

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Why would you be learning about this in a religious education class?

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Spread of cancer to the lymph nodes isn’t dangerous per se, but it does indicate metastasis away from the primary site, which makes the cancer more serious and more difficult to treat. Still, metastatic cancer isn’t a death sentence. Just look at Lance Armstrong. He had diffusely metastatic cancer, including into his lungs and brain. He is doing quite well…

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@augustian, My teacher was teaching us about morality and euthanasia and it was sort of a random topic that he brought up. He always got off track.

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you could just have a cyst. monitor it, see what happens, but it could just be overactive sweat glands or shaving too much. if it grows, gets worse, or doesn’t go away for a while, i’d look into it more.

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More than likely lymph nodes

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Ease up there Dr.Who…Remember you’re not a real doctor, you just play one on TV..

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Mom had one but it was a swollen lymph node. She had it removed and it healed really quickly.

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_I’d be running so fast to check it out at the Doctor I wouldn’t have tie to even fini

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@shilolo @anyonwelsewhoknows : I checked out the forum.
I have the same thing (i guess). Painful. 6th or 7th day now. And I’m male.

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