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What would be the most difficult thing to fight, an alien, or a predator?

Asked by Berserker (33548points) July 24th, 2010

I was watching Predator today and I was thinking, man that would suck if one of those was after me. But I remember Alien from a while back, and having one of them after me would be just as bad. Or so it seems…one can regenerate most wounds and spits acid, the other is tougher than a tank and has all these gadgets that would frighten God.
Say you’re up against one of them and you have limited resources, or at least any of the equipment that was featured in both the first movies for each, (Switch them around if you want.) which one of these do you think might be the harder challenge?

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A Predator.

They have projectile weapons, active camouflage, and advanced tactics. The Xenos are just monsters.

However, the Predators have a sense of honor and sportsmanship and won’t kill you if you aren’t at least a slight challenge.

So if you were smart, you’d make them think you were unarmed and a noncombatant, and then trap and kill them somehow.

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Xenos? That’s what the aliens are called?
Anyway yeah, I noticed that in the movie, predators seem to have a bit more of a sense of awareness than the aliens, even if it seems all about the hunt and all.

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I would steer clear of the Alien form Alien. It was more like a wild animal. So more unpredictable. Either one in the dark would make for a bad night.

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@Russell_D_SpacePoet I agree on the bad night part. Imagine you’re taking a bubble bath and then one of those comes bustin in there lol. XD

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My night is already questionable if I’m in a bubble bath. :)

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In AVP the predators win both times. They are more intelligent and have access to technology, and can override their instincts, which I believe is the critical factor. In the end, aliens, as intelligent as they are, are still instinct driven animals.
(And the crowd goes WILD! HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!)

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Serously, unless you are Arrrnold. Your ass is toast vs. either of them. Predators will stalk you with the invisibility thing. Aliens will eat you with their tiny head and then again with the other head and then again with the bigger head and then with the biggest head. Or swallow you whole and birth you in a mucus bubble or implant a seed that grows in 12 hours and splits itself out of your stomach and organs thus leaving you horrified and bleeding to death.
You can take a few shots at killing either of them if you like but given the arena I’ll turn that gun on myself most likely.

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@judochop That’s what I’m thinking…either way we’re fucked outta luck lol.

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Predators are more intelligent, but culturally brutish. Maybe we could show them art or something and they’d be like apes at the monolith.

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@zophu Yeah they probbaly just need a hug. XD

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fight head on would be predator, to survive with, alien would kill you in hand-to-hand combat

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with proper weapons, can defeat alien; predator race evolved thru hunting species using space travel; they have a prime directive, intelligent yet barbaric at the same time

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Predator is a sentient being and will only kill for sport, where it’s a challenge, so it will not kill innocents or harmless bystanders. Alien is just a monster, with animal-level intelligence. It’ll kill anything it can eat.

Being an unarmed, useless, half-blind bystander, I would trust that the Predator would not consider me enough of a challenge.

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Aliens come from an unknown location. predators are usually animals of our planet. aliens are not.

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I was about to post my answer, and then see that downtide just said pretty much what I was going to say:

An Alien is a hungry monster that just kills whatever is in its path or uses you to incubate its eggs. But a Predator is an intelligent being who has no reason to go after me unless I give him one. So I would say the Predator, and hope he has no reason to see me as an enemy.

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The general consensus is that the predator, being much more intelligent or aware than the alien (Or Xenomorph, I love that name. :D ) is the harder challenge.

It makes complete sense, but somewhere I don’t quite understand how the alien being much more animal like and savage makes it less of a challenge? Because I’m not asking about the circumstances which would issue said combat, but rather the combat itself. But if we go that way, if the Predator is more human like in its actions and intents, couldn’t that be used against him? Pretend to not know how to fight, or try to accept its terms and have it grant you a fair fight? You could use this against him.

The alien, on the other hand, isn’t gonna give a shit what tricks you try to use on him. It’s gonna go ballistic no matter what, and besides tricking it by hiding or disorienting it as was done in some of the movies, you’ll have to rely on your physical skills and nothing else.

But then I keep thinking…good thing the predator has some ’‘humanity’’, because it’s definitely stronger than the alien in every way, aside perhaps for speed.

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If we could tune the right heavy metal for the Predator ears, I bet they’d adopt us as their new gods. It’s all they’ve been missing. It’s why their only goal is to hunt things. We invented Rock, and that’s why we don’t have to kill things constantly. I resubmit my earlier point. Bring the Predators Rock, and let them be in awe.

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A predator alien would be the worst. There is still nothing harder to fight than pesky bugs/insects right here on this planet.

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@zophu Haha I can see it now, a party of predators all headbanging to Cannibal Corpse. They’d probbaly enjoy Mortician, too.

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I’d much rather face that Alien thing, put enough rounds into her, she goes down and stays that way. That Predator? Aim for the head and get as many hits as possible before the Valkyries haul my ass to Valhalla.

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Yeah, but shoot an alien and get splattered with super acid…

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Xenomorph because the predators have a strict code that they follow when they hunt, the xenos don’t have any rules which makes them much more deadly.

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