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Why are people stupid enough to drive around burning oil? Can't that mess up the engine?

Asked by 65Stang (508points) March 21st, 2008 from iPhone

I see this just about every day, AND IT STINKS!

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because we are becoming a welfair state poeple are giving to much to easy and don’t have to work for it so they do not take care of things

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ow and I got a 05stang

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yes it is bad for the car but the car is already messed up.

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I don’t think burning excess oil is too hard on the engine, per se. But fouls the spark plugs, making the engine even more inefficient. But it certainly stinks!

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@oneeye1: “because we are becoming a welfair state poeple are giving to much to”

Lets rephrase that, OK?

Because, we are becoming a welfare state (and) people are given too much to…........”

Now, isn’t that easier to read?

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plus its bad for the environment

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As gooch said, if a car is burning oil, it already has engine damage.

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Cars burn oil because of damage to the piston rings, worn valve guides, and sometimes poor combustion problems. A car that burns oil isn’t long for this world.

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