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Should the government be able to tell us what kind of light bulb we can use?

Asked by oneye1 (745points) March 21st, 2008 from iPhone
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Hehe.. I vote yes, since the bulb they chose is more efficient. :D

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but cost more and is toxic

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Cite your sources and I will cite mine! :)

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I don’t need to 50cent to five bucks
mercer=toxic is bulb breaks

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After reading this article , I decided I don’t like the bulbs anymore.

The bulbs are florescent, and inside they contain a miniscule amount of mercury. Now, while the mercury is not hazardous to any one individual who might break it, it IS hazardous when all these bulbs reach landfills. These bulbs are very likely to shatter once in a trash bag, and then leech into the water and soil.

The primary issue is that you aren’t supposed to toss these bulbs in the trash. These bulbs require special disposal and we happen to have a limited number of the special facilities – approximately 1 per county. Not only that, but the average Joe Schmoe is going to do what he always does – throw it in the garbage.

Obviously these bulbs pose a small threat to the original consumer, but a serious one to the environment.

Now, bulbs do not cost .50 where I live (more like 1.00–2.00), and currently the florescent bulbs cost 3.50–4.00.

The biggest problem in my opinion is that so many millions of these bulbs have been sold, and the consumers do not know how to properly dispose of them.

I still approve of the concept of the government limiting a type of bulb that is available, but they messed up here. The research and development teams need to go back to their labs on this one.

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Not sure why the link doesn’t work.

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good stuff the LEDs are the future but I don’t know I like them tell us we have to use anything

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Since they’re telling us what kind of tv to buy next year, I figure light bulbs that last longer and save me money in the long run would be a demand I can live with.

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in Soviet Russia, light bulbs turn you on.

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Yes, depending on the circumstances.

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The government already tells you what you can and cannot use in your home due to health and safety regulations. Telling us what type of bulb to use is just the latest in a long line.

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Yes, I think they can, and should, because unfortunately most people are complete idiots (see also: people that smoke, motocyclists that don’t wear helmets, anyone still supporting Bush)

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Absolutely. we are incapable of making decision on our own. Governmetn and only government can decide anything for us, our careers, where we live etc.
Don’t believe the propaganda. The Soviet Union was a paradise compared to the USA. I know people who risked their lives coming here so they could share with us the glory of the Soviet state. sadly, the Imperialistic USA destroyed them through our propaganda.
People had jobs, food (well, some food) medical care (it was not good but it was free) and got to socialize when they waited in line for toilet paper.

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Banning inefficient lightbulbs is not even remotely related to a loss of personal freedoms.

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@flipper: Your sarcasm couldn’t be thicker. The government already decides what sort of utilities and products are legal, and it has been that way forever (the US is young, remember).


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How observant of you! Did you think I was hiding my sarcasm?
And Maverick, thanks for your opinion. I disagree.

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And squirbel, I think it is terrible that fluther must have moderated or censored your answer to shockwave who had just as much sarcasm in his answer. You ought to complain!!!!

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On the contrary there must have been good cause. I am not bothered.

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ok! thanks for your condescending to even answer me!

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What is your aught with me? Let’s talk via whisper, this has gotten ridiculous.

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Squirbel, I have no aught. Just having fun sometimes. No problem though. Truly. Thanks for asking.

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