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Can you help me figure this symptom out?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42852points) July 25th, 2010

Maybe it’s nothing, but for the last 3½ years there are times I feel hungry, but I don’t want to eat, so I don’t. If I try to I know I’ll frow up anyway. Later on though, I’ll sit down and eat enough to make me full…but I still feel hungry, but again, the thought of actually eating something makes me feel ill.

I can actually trace this back to December of 2006. My husband and I had owned and operated a small engine repair shop for four years. In November of 06 we finally decided to throw in the towel. Fortunately, he was able to land a fantastic job beginning the second week in December. We decided to keep the shop open for a while to see if we could sell it, because if we couldn’t…well. It would be hell, and I knew it. That meant my mechanic and I had to handle everything. Rick came in on Saturdays and after work, but overall, it was all on me.

I had a feeling it was going to be bad in the end…and it was. Needless those few months, December to March were stressful beyond belief and I was having to deal with it all by my self pretending to people that everything was just fine. I’ve never been so stressed out and sick feeling. Well, March came and we became too busy for the two of us to handle it so I took the key over to the bank and walked away.

Also, sometimes in mid day, after I eat, I get really, really thirsty. I’ll drink two or three 32 oz cups of water, but still feel thirsty…...that, too, I can trace back to December of 06…..?

So…what’s up? Anybody know?

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Until you got to the thirsty part, those are the symptoms that my grandma had when she was diagnosed with an ulcer. But the thirsty thing throws me…

PS: Usual disclaimer of not being a doctor, etc. etc.

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I wouldn’t put an ulcer past me…although they’ve since learned that it’s caused by a virus and not stress.

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Interesting… maybe the virus and the stress came together? I don’t really know, though. My stomach always takes the brunt of physical discomfort when I’m trying to suck up any strong feelings. Hoping one of our good doctors will wander in here!

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Ulcer. hmmmm… this sounds like what I have too. But there is a situation called a, “PRE=ulcerous condition.” I probably have this and I can live with it. I feel hungry but don’t want anything to eat or I’ll have just eaten but still feel hungry. Hoping I’ll stick with #1 and lose weight. )-:
I imagine it’s simply a little stomach inflammation or irritation. We shall survive!!

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It’s a bacteria (helicobacter pylori) not a virus. You should get tested for it as it’s quite common and if untreated can cause all sorts of problems.

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@Lightlyseared Well, how long? I mean, it’s been 3½ years…..

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Did you ever consider that you had a lot going on and you were traumatized and never really getting over it ,It had become a lingering issue?

Could it be if you were to eat more digestible foods such as small amounts of fruit throughtout the day
you will overcome your issues? emotional upset also play havoc on your stomach .
Best of luck

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Thanks @speedbumpbicycle. I’ll seriously consider that….but it takes so much planning and stuff to do that!

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I had H Pylori once; $279 for the kit of 3 pills! The main symptom was TOTAL AND DEVASTATING FATIGUE. I DRAGGED myself to a doctor’s office and she came up w/the diagnosis. All I could eat, for some reason, was canned soup and bread and butter. I stayed in bed for a week (the house looked Real Nice when I finally got well .)

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@Dutchess_III Wait; you’ve had symptoms for YEARS??
Find a doctor who won’t want to do an upper GI, like a GP. Go to a stomach specialist and he’ll put a tube down your throat. All the GP did was take a little blood. Piecea cake.

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I don’t know Dutchess..but..I do know that everyones bodies respond differently to stress.

For me it’s ALL in my muscles, tight neck and shoulders, upper back.

I never get headaches, have a cast iron stomach and have to be half dead with an illness to ‘go off my feed.’ lol

I do believe there are huge and often mysterious psychosomatic symptoms related to stress.

Maybe try hypnosis to uncover some deeply subconscious stuff.

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@Coloma But the stress should be gone! It’s been 3½ years since that went down, my husband has a great job, and I just landed a great job….IDK. Maybe when I get completely out from everything related to the shop, maybe it’ll go away. I still owe the bank $900 (Loan was originally $65,000, still owed $10,000 when we walked away yeah, that’s kind of been hell to pay) and a lawyer about $100. Need to get the house payments current, been having a hell of a time with that. Maybe I AM still stressed! But compared to those shop years, and especially those last few months, everything else seems like a walk in the park…..

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@Dutchess_III might be a post traumatic stress related condition.

The actual precipitating event/trauma has passed, but…your subconscious is still reacting via your bodies symptoms to the past stress. IDK either…:-/

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Sounds like it could be depression related. Not saying you are depressed, but some people are and don’t realize it. Stress has a way of influencing many bodily functions.

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Aside from the H Pylori bacteria, have you had a diabetes testing?

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I was going to suggest having your doctor test for diabetes, also. The thirst is kind of a red flag, otherwise I wouldn’t relate that to your symptoms.

I also had an H.Pylori infection, twice. It sucks. It feels like there is a big brick in your gut.
Gnawing hunger pains (especially when you shouldn’t be hungry) are a symptom of ulcers – you should have that looked into, like others suggested. :)

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K. Thanks you guys…thanks….

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