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How many days should you stay out of a room where you found fleas?

Asked by Soccer129 (64points) July 26th, 2010

We found fleas in a bedroom and we don’t want to go back in until we know that they are dead. How long will that be? Also there were not a lot of them. Maybe 5.

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5 fleas? By the time you typed your question, you will probably have an uncountable number. And they are not going to vanish by themselves. You need an exterminator and another place to stay until the noxious fumes have vanished. Several days at least.

You are certainly having animal problems at your house. What gives? How’s the cat doing?

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The vet found 2 fleas on my cat. Pretty minor, but still I wanted the bugs gone. Here is how I dealt with it:

Wash all of the linen in the room (sheets, towels, clothes in the closet, EVERYTHING)

You get this stuff called Knockout E.S. It is made by a company called Virbac. You can get it at the vet. You spray that stuff on surfaces, pillow and mattress. No more fleas.

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You need to clean up evrything and exterminate the room and if you have a pet they need the stuff like( frontline plus ) every 40 days. Dogs and cats must have the one made only for them. Fleas are no fun, they can live for years waiting to get on a host if they have too.

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Do you mean how many days after you find them or how many days after you’ve used a flea bomb or something like that to get rid of them? Because if you just leave the room, that isn’t going kill them, there not going to die on their own. Like any other creatures, when left alone they will reproduce and you will end up only with more of them.

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Fleas can, in fact, live up to 4 years without food. So treat the room. If you truly do not want to use chemicals, and can make that room dark, put a shallow dish on the floor with water in it, with a bit of dishsoap. Put a small focused desk lamp over it, shining down on it. Turn off all lights and leave the room. Fleas will jump into the warming water, under the light, and drown.

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Ignoring them won’t make them go away. You need to get a flea bomb because the eggs will lay dormant until there is movement around. They’ll hatch and you’ll have a whole new generation.

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