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How do I get rid of these fleas!

Asked by tocutetolive90 (888points) June 30th, 2010

So I have two ferrets that live in my room. and i scrubbed down my room. and sprayed flea killer and washed all my bedding and their bedding. And I vacuumed everything. But yet the fleas are back. I have only see two. They aren’t really on the ferrets or my cats, but they are living in my bed… I have no clue how to get rid of them. Please help me!

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You have to put some residual type flea powder on the bed, or replace the matress. The fleas have made a home in it.

There are organic pesticides available that are safe for pets and people.

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o joy… thanks :-)

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Ask a veterinary, take the ferrets with you. They’ll know what brand to suggest. I had that problem with one of my cats. I can’t tell you which type to get, but if you bring your pets over there they’ll suggest something, like a shampoo you can clean them with, something like that. A lot of these stay on the pet for a while, killing the eggs as well, and wherever they go, the couch, carpet, whatever, it spreads, killing whatever isn’t on the pet.
Most of these products are also safe for the pet, so when they clean themselves and all, they won’t get sick, but again, ask a vet. I only know for cats, not ferrets. :/

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so if i move the ferret out of my room and flea bomb my room will it help the fleas in my bed too?

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It should. Read the packaging, you want one that is effective at all the stages of the flea’s life cycle.

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I’ve had flea problems with cats and dogs and it’s not fun. The eggs can stay dormant for a long time, so you need something that is going to kill the eggs. ‘Killing only adult fleas, for instance, by a once-a-week bath or dip, will eventually control the problem in a northern climate, but it will take months. Fleas do not survive the winter outside, and pets are given a chance to be flea-free after the first killing frost, but in temperate climates, it is much more difficult to eliminate fleas from your house because there is a plentiful supply of them outside.’

Advantage was the product we ended up using.

This is a very good article of ferret flea control, including a list of toxic and organic products used and their usefulness.

I’ve also heard of freezing what ever you can clean, like soft toys, pillows..etc. The eggs don’t survive the cold.

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The best bet is to have a professional exterminator come in. They guarantee the results. You can spend as much on bombs, sprays, etc. as you would on the exterminator but with no guarantee and usually less than satisfactory results.

While this is being done, bathe the ferrets. With my dogs I use regular shampoo but allow them to sit in the later for about 15 minutes before rinsing. Most any shampoo will kill fleas if you let it on the dog long enough. I am for sure no expert on ferrets but I assume the same would be true for them and it is less toxic than other flea products. Also pink conditioner, it doesn’t matter which brand as long as it is pink in color will kill fleas if you let it on for 15 minutes. We have used that for kids’ head lice. It must be repeated in 7 days.

Good luck!

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Don’t forget to clean out your vacuum cleaner also. The eggs and fleas that didn’t die can crawl back out and re-infest you room and pets.

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i had fleas because my cats got them – after spending major money (over $100) on powders, sprays, flea dips for the cats, plus a bomb and a night in a hotel room, i ended up going with an exterminator and the results were great. after the exterminator, i did not see any fleas for almost one month, and then i saw two, called him back, after his second visit i saw none ever again (i got the one year contract but i understand if you get the one shot deal they give a one month guarantee, which means you can have them come back after about 3 weeks if you want). believe me i did all this other stuff and nothing worked. go with the pro.

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I got medication from my vet, drops that I put on my cat once a month. They work great, no more fleas anywhere.

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@wilma: that is great but there would still be fleas in the home environment, which means fleas in the furniture, carpeting and jumping on the humans. that’s where the exterminator is necessary!

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For a time, yes @jca , but the type of medicine that my vet gives me, keeps on killing the fleas. You have to give it to them once a month for at least three months, and then all the eggs that hatch and baby fleas that get on the cat, bite her and die and no more eggs or fleas.
I noticed a big difference in one day. You do want to keep the environment clean and do all of that too, but this stuff really does do the job.

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Garlic Juice! It gets the flees and is’nt poison, you can search for it on the internet to buy it, or you can make your own, it works for your home and yard and even in basements! Large Parks like central park in NY and other parks use it.

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I always used natural remedies but in the part of the world where I currently reside, also resides the fleas from hell. They have proved impervious to my entire arsenal. So I have succumbed. I did my research and found Comfortis. It is a nasty chemical poison but wow it works. My little dog has a definite flea allergy and she was chewing herself raw. Four days after her first dose, she is finally at peace. I bathed her and slathered her with a soothing ointment and the constant scratching and biting has ceased.

So if you get desperate as I was, then give it a go, and let me forewarn you, it ain’t cheap, but it does work and so far my dogs have not keeled over or shown any adverse effects (despite some dire reports I found during my research).

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thanks guys got rid of the fleas :-D

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what method(s) did you use?

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flea bomb. and used dawn soap on the pets plus advantage. the bomb worked. just had to wash everything and vacuum the carpet and leave the dawn on the pets for bit and it kills they right away,

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