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Do you think tall or muscular women are attractive?

Asked by dann1 (15points) July 26th, 2010

I think they definetely can be. Here’s a couple of examples (these ladies probably don’t use steroids):

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Amazonian (without the muscles) women are very attractive, but I am not attracted to muscular women, but very toned women like Jillian are very attractive.

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I am all for tall and muscular women . . .


No, not at all.

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Toned, curvy or a little overweight is most attractive to me. Too thin, too much overweight is not very attractive. A women with big muscles is gross, unfeminine. Tall women are not too bad (but many tall models are WAY skinny).

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I like tall women…Being tall myself I would like to see eye to eye with the person I’m dating… P.S. none of your links worked…could you give us a link that works

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I am not interested in tall , muscular women… Thanks God. My hubby might not like it.

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I find a lot of different shaped women attractive but I have a preference for women with thick thighs, big butts, big tits, and long hair. But please no body builder chicks. They look gross.

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Tall’s not bad, but obviously muscular is right out.

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