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How much does it take to start a dating website? Similar functionality to today's dating web sites. Who can create this for me?

Asked by uratner (26points) July 27th, 2010

qualifed group or individual to do this

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Too much to make it worth it. A dating site is only as good as the people you can find on it. Unless you’re going for a super specific niche that doesn’t already use another site this isn’t something you should do because it’s a good idea in your mind.

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I would pick another idea. It’s like trying to start another facebook. No way it would succeed. You need a unique idea.

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Again dont need your comment on if its a good idea or not – what i need is cost estimate and complexity level and who could do it.

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You can spend nothing on the site itself outside of hosting and domain name since there are scripts around that will let you set up what you want for free. All you’re basically wanting is a datebase where each user fills in a form. When people search the program will match what’s being searched for with how the users filled in the form.

Advertising is going to coast you up your ass. How are you going to get people to use the site over anything else? Why should I spend the time setting up a profile on your site when there’s basically nobody there?

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type “dating software” in Google. You’ll find lots of pre-fab stuff to build a dating site.
That’ll run you about $350.

You’ll need a server, too. See the discussion about that here

It only takes one person to run such a site, except of course you’ll need to pay for some technical helpers. They run about $12 an hour for someone in their 20’s. Teens charge less, those in their 30s and up charge a little more.

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@uratner You might get better information and suggestions on a forum dealing with eCommerce, existing dating sites, webmaster sites, etc.

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