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When you hear your voice played back from a recording, how does it sound to you?

Asked by ucme (50034points) July 27th, 2010

Does it sound like it should as you hear it from your perspective or does it sound entirely different? Mine bemuses me every time I hear it. It’s like it’s not my voice & yet it clearly is. So yeah, how about you & your recorded voice?

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My response is always “ugh!”.

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I’ve done professional voice work for years and know my voice well. Sounds good enough—he says modestly—to keep getting me jobs.

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I hate my voice. It sounds high and tinny to me, even though people tell me that I have a beautiful speaking voice.

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It’s slightly higher and more nasal than how I hear it in my head, and very, very feminine.

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It sounds strange; I don’t like it.

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I don’t like it very much. I think I sound like the narrator from Peter and the Wolf.

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The tannoy system where I work records your voice and then broadcasts it ten seconds later. I always hear myself and am immediately struck by how I sound exactly like my younger brother.

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For a while I thought I sounded extremely young, but now I think it’s pretty close to what I hear inside my head. Either my voice has changed or recording systems have gotten better. I think it’s a little of both.

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Awful. My singing voice sounds okay on a recording but I hate my spoken voice. It’s just not “me”.

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a little girl.. im 23 and i sound like im 10… i hear my voice alot differently. the same goes for my boyfriend though he wont admit it… when i talk to him on the phone he sounds 100% different then in person.
its like when hes speaking through the phone he sounds like a “call guy” very deep and seductive, i really “like” it, but then when he gets home and i hear his voice its like a normal mans voice and youll see my expression go from “oh yha” to ” awww, what happened??” lol its actually kinda funny now that i think about it ^_^

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like someone else. and like it is heard through a lot of padding.

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like a kid with a southern accent

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It sounds really strange to me. I don’t recognize it sometimes.

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SO ANNOYING. I hate hearing my own voice played back to me.

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I sound just like my sister. It is very strange. I once hung up on a boyfriend because he thought my sister was me on the phone. Poor guy – later I found out we sound just alike.

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Like the guy on AOL who says “Files done!”

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wow, that’s the way i sound?

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This has been a universal observation since the advent of sound recording. We normally hear our own voices not just by the produced voice impinging on our ears (as we hear others’ voices) but also by sound conducted by bone and soft tissues taking a shortcut to the eardrums. Everybody is surprised to hear a recording of their own voice.

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