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Question about Nevada Traffic Violations?

Asked by jgalfer (91points) July 27th, 2010

Got a ticket today for going 25 over the limit in a construction zone. Anyone have any idea how much this is going to cost me? The ticket says to call the court for details and the court says the ticket won’t be entered into the system for at least 45 days.

Ticket says Basic Speeding, but cites that i was in a construction zone. Violation code G.

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Fines and fees are subject to change without notice. So you have to wait and call.

Speeding – 21 or more miles over speed limit. You fall within this catagory.

Only if violation did not occur in a school or construction zone. You got ticketed in a construction zone.

$205 and citation will be amended to illegal parking-no points, no traffic school. 2nd offense total 230. So you’re probably looking at double or three times these fees.

What the heck were you thinking? Or where the hell were you going at that speed?

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i had just gotten on the highway and was speeding up to get over to the other side. It’s a fluke that he caught me when he did. Are you saying approximately 800 dollars? Can a lawyer do anything to reduce this? I’m out of state, too. I’m in Cali.

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ps. there is only ONE violation written on here. he did not write up a second violation. however, he did check off the box that says i was in a construction zone.

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violation: basic speed, Code: 1010
NRS: 585.361

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Yes, it’ll be a pricey ticket. Speeding fines are usually doubled or tripled in a construction zone, because there are often construction workers wandering around and thus drivers should be more responsible and adhere to the posted speed signs. Considering you’re out of state, and considering you were really speeding a lot, I’d go right ahead and find a traffic ticket lawyer in LV who can help you. At worst, even if the fine isn’t reduced, he’ll do most of the legwork for you in remedying the situation.

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