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How long would a Snapple last?

Asked by Allie (17431points) July 27th, 2010

I’ve had these raspberry tea Snapple’s for… a while. How long do Snapple’s last before they can’t be consumed anymore? It’s been refrigerated since I got it. The cap is unpopped. I can’t read the date printed on the bottle and I don’t exactly remember the date I got it. Eek. So, if I drink it, will I die?

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You’ll be fine. Drink away.

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No mold, be bold! lol

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If it stink, don’t drink.

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The contents were pasteurized upon bottling. You should be just fine.

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Should we call anybody if we don’t hear from you within, say, another six hours?

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The cap should “pop” when opened. If it is bulging or already popped it is poop!

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Open it, if it smells ok then taste it; if it tastes ok, then drink it.

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Three licks.

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@Cruiser It wasn’t popped.
@ItsAHabit That is exactly what I did.
@breedmitch Great answer! Thank you.

I drank about half of it. I feel okay so far. I figure if nothing has killed me by now, it’s probably alright.

Case Closed :)

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That’s good news. But do let us know if you die from it!

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Take a little bit, put it in someones drink and give it to them. If they die or get sick from it, you’re not going to get charged for giving them old Snapple (who actually does that anyway?), and if they’re fine, drink till you can’t drink no more.

And remember kids: do onto others, what you wouldn’t do to yourself!

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