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What is your specialty when it comes to cooking?

Asked by Frenchfry (7584points) July 28th, 2010

Like I make a mean Meatloaf.. That type of thing.

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Take-out is my specialty because I rarely cook for myself. But when I do, I’m pretty creative with pasta dishes.

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Oatmeal.Yep,oatmeal.—meatloaf is mean! XD

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Asian cuisine, mostly Szechuan and Thai. French, usually by way of rural Quebec. A few Cajun recipes and miscellaneous American meat and potatoes things. My true specialties are bread baking, beer brewing and making schnapps. Oh, and I can turn out a reasonably good meat loaf if necessary.

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I make a killer bean soup, with ham hocks, bacon, lots of onion, and homemade bread.
Lucille, I even make a very good meatloaf. :)

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Meat pies
Carrot cake
Home fries

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Steaks, salmon and chicken on the Weber grill, scallops, fried rice and Sunday morning breakfasts.

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Chicken Fettucini with alfredo sauce, Potatoe and leek soup, and a kick ass meatloaf with mashed potatoes.

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Now ya talkin! I can throw up a brilliant slice of toast…...whaddya mean so what?

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@ucme There’s nothing better than a great slice of toast !

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Quiches. I can make a quiche with just about anything and everything. Lovely hot or cold.

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Mac & Cheese, baby!.. mac & cheese… :(

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@janbb There’s not? Why then i’ve got it made I tell you, made…..

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Good food on a budget. That’s me.

And I apparently have an incredible ability to concoct vanishing party food by making the recipe up as I go along.

I have a notebook with “Alyson’s Compendium of Kickass Recipes” in which I write down the hits afterward. It’s full of things like “Disappearing taco dip”, “sausage and bacon soup”, “vegan carrot and five-bean chili”, “Cheesy stuffed mushrooms”, “Heart Attack Special” – that’s a breakfast dish – a dozen eggs, a pound of sausage or bacon, a ½ lb of sharp cheddar, a stick of butter and a cup of heavy cream, baked. And it cures hangovers.

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Cottage Pie.
Minced beef and some onion, browned in a pan together and put in a pie dish. Stir in a small can of baked beans (my not-so-secret secret ingredient) and a generous dash of soy sauce (the real secret ingredient – I use it as a substitute for salt). Top it off with a thick layer of mashed potato, sprinkle a bit of grated cheese on top and cook in a medium oven for about half an hour. Delicous.

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@downtide Ooh, I’ll have to throw some beans and soy sauce in my next cottage pie. I wonder what would be the best veggie to add to that. Carrots?

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@Seek_Kolinahr carrots are good, so are mushrooms (especially the big old flat field mushrooms – full of flavour). Chop everythig up small. Back when I was a vegetarian I used to substitute the beef for TVP, but then you need a strong vegetable stock and plenty of herbs or spices otherwise it’s just too bland.

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I don’t think i have a speciality, but i can follow a few recipes really well to make a yummy dish. :D There’s a delicious maroccan rice pilaf that i make….OOOHHH! I just remembered – my potato salad!!! Everybody loves that. Also, i make the yummiest home made burgers. And really yummy tomato and cheese samis, because i put on mustard and a special spice. My toast and eggs are pretty good too, when i get the egg yolk just perfect and runny (but cooked).

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My specialty is looking at a recipe as an inspiration to cook something similar, but with ingredients we have at hand, or what I know we will like. I rarely follow a recipe item by item.

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ummm maybe Chinese.

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Grilling steak, chicken and fish. I am real good with pot roast, beef noodle soup (old Ukranian recipe passed down through my family over the years), lasagna and spaghetti.

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Pasta sauce and meatloaf.

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