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What are suggestions for e-mail marketing a data backup and co-location company?

Asked by johnny0313x (1855points) July 28th, 2010

I just got a side job to do some e-mail marketing for a data backup and co-location company. The details are in the works now so I don’t have much information but I was just curious what some suggestions, tips and ideas you guys might have for effectively drawing traffic to such a business. I have done some e-mail marketing in the past but it was a bit easier because the company had more appeal to a greater audience. With this new company I feel since the subject matter appeals to a more narrow group on individuals and businesses it may be more difficult to show results from marketing tactics.

Any suggestions?

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Actually, your business has a very wide appeal. All companies need offsite backup for their data today. Many companies have servers that they need to have back-ups colocated.

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Just asking the question “Lost any important files?” should bring up memories for the average person and get them thinking about better ways to back things up if they aren’t satisfied with what they already have.

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I would request some specific information on who the target customer is. For example, what size company does is the company going after. If you are doing direct marketing but don’t know where to direct it, you won’t have a good success rate. And, if the company can’t tell you or says “everybody” then they haven’t done their homework. The more you can target the customer the better, and as you get acceptances or rejections try to find out why. That will confirm or deny if you are targeting the right market.

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Show dramatic shots of Katrina, bursting dams, California fires, earthquakes with some bold catchy headlines along the lines of “your business WAS here. Aren’t you you glad you data is a thousand miles away, safe with us?”
then a para to simply explain the biz—
and Iron Mountain—- wasn’t that supposed to be something like this ????

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