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What can I do to let people know about this marketing scheme without promoting the website?

Asked by shadling21 (6501points) October 9th, 2008

I received an infuriating text right now. It reads,
“Hey. A pal gave me your #, but I’m a bit shy, so I don’t wanna say who i am just yet. But if youre interested, come find me at”

What bothers me is that this is clearly an ad, but the message is a complete lie. I was tempted to visit the site out of curiosity, but I don’t want to give the marketers the satisfaction of a page view.

What can I do to protest this without giving the website more attention?

NOTE: The spelling mistakes above were in the original text, too. Carefully planned mistakes…

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better business bureau

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CustomizeGoogle allows me to disable tracking by Google Analytics, so if they’re using that at least that will hide you. And probably AdBlock will help as well. You can also just not pay the visit.

That said, you could also just pay the visit, seeing as so many people are stupid anyway, so one pageview more or less won’t matter all that much.

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I wonder about this too.
You could maybe call your phone company and tell them about the unsolicited text message. They may be willing to remove the charge and possibly look into the source.

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Virus spam.

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You did 3 of things you can do: you didn’t link to the site, you didn’t mention the sites name, and you gave an example of how they promote themselves so similar activity can be identified. In other words, you avoided making yourself an unpaid shill for the site.

Besides the well-advised BBB link above, you can also identify the actual company or person behind the site by using whois servers, then mention that name instead of the site name. The most important part is not actually linking to the site, but mentioning the name without the Web address can be helpful in avoiding it, such as blackwaterhalliburtonkbr without the www or dot ending.

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This is actually illegal. Contact the BBB and also report them to the FCC.

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