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What is it like to work as a civilian?

Asked by Blackberry (31067points) July 29th, 2010

I joined the military after high school, and before that, I worked at Arbys and did some landscaping under the table; this is all the experience I have as a civilian. I understand that all work places are different, but how relaxed is it in general? Like, will your boss flip out and punish everyone else if you are late a few times, or forget to shave a few times? What happens when you want to go to lunch? Can you socialize and stuff?

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I have only seen my boss show up to our lab a handful of times. His office is in another building.

Unless I have to teach or go to class or a meeting, I show up to work about when I feel like it, and I leave when I feel like it.

We all usually eat lunch at our desks. We spend a good portion of most of the day socializing with each other.

I have never gotten in trouble for not shaving.

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It is much more “personal”. If you screw up, you are the one to get in trouble. You don’t get promoted unless you are better than the next person. That works for and against the company. Sometimes the only way an individual can stand out is by not helping or tearing down the others.
I knew someone who would ignore requests until they turned into fires. When he finally did the work he was supposed to do month before, he looked good. It worked for a while.
Another difference between the two is that, in industry, the top dogs really are in it for themselves. If they are offered a higher salary to jump to another company they will do it in s second. No loyalty. If they are offered the choice of getting paid $50M to sell the company and lay off all the employees, they will be scheduling their vacation in the Bahamas while the staff is filing for unemployment. There is no appeal process.

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Really depends on the boss….

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@Dutchess_III Yeah it’s like that in the military as well, one man or woman can completely lower the morale, or turn them into a Topgun team lol.

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There’s no one answer; every workplace is different. The first office in which I worked was like I would assume the military to be—very strict about minutes. I was there a very short time. After that all of the offices I was in were very laid back.

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