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Ways to bring yourself down when you're feeling anxious (san meds)

Asked by Jude (32134points) July 29th, 2010

I have been having a terrible cause of anxiety today and can’t seem to break out of it. Help.

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Nature always helps me. Any way you can get to some place with a view of something not man made?

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Second choice, any pieces of art nearby. Walk up and lose yourself in a painting?

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I usually go into my garden & hoe the borders!! if that doesn’t work I get drunk!! :-/

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For me a good long bike ride always does the trick. Actually, any slightly rigorous exercise at all is really helpful for me. And just as @Adirondackwannabe says, nature always makes me feel better.

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After a lifetime of letting negative emptions dictate my reactions, I’ve learned how to talk myself down and focus on other matters.

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Exercise until you drop :)
Works for rage too giggles

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Third idea: Know anyone with a puppy or kitten that you could visit?

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Remember: no one has ever died from an anxiety attack or panic attack. It will work out. Honest.

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Immediately take a deep breath or 10 for starters. It takes practice to remember to do that when the sensations (and that’s all they are) show up, but try.

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Do one of these (choose one that’s right for you): Adult Pleasant Events Schedule

Adult Pleasant Events Schedule
1. Soaking in the bathtub
2. Planning my career
3. Getting out of (paying on) debt
4. Collecting things (coins, shells, etc.)
5. Going on vacation
6. Thinking how it will be when I finish school
7. Recycling old items
8. Going on a date
9. Relaxing
10. Going to a movie in the middle of the week
11. Jogging, walking
12. Thinking I have done a full day’s work
13. Listening to music
14. Recalling past parties
15. Buying household gadgets
16. Lying in the sun
17. Planning a career change
18. Laughing
19. Thinking about my past trips
20. Listening to others
21. Reading magazines or newspapers
22. Hobbies (stamp collecting, model building, etc.)
23. Spending an evening with good friends
24. Planning a day’s activities
25. Meeting new people
26. Remembering beautiful scenery
27. Saving money
28. Gambling
29. Going home from work
30. Eating
31. Practicing karate, judo, yoga
32. Thinking about retirement
33. Repairing things around the house
34. Working on my car (bicycle)
35. Remembering the words and deeds of loving people
36. Wearing sexy clothes
37. Having quiet evenings
38. Taking care of my plants
39. Buying, selling stock
40. Going swimming
41. Doodling
42. Exercising
43. Collecting old things
44. Going to a party
45. Thinking about buying things
46. Playing golf
47. Playing soccer
48. Flying kites
49. Having discussions with friends
50. Having family get-togethers
51. Riding a motorbike
52. Sex
53. Running a track
54. Going camping
55. Singing around the house
56. Arranging flowers
57. Practicing religion (going to church, group praying, etc.)
58. Losing weight
59. Going to the beach
60. Thinking I’m an OK person
61. A day with nothing to do
62. Having class reunions
63. Going skating
64. Going sail boating
65. Traveling abroad or in the United States
66. Painting
67. Doing something spontaneously
68. Doing needlepoint, crewel, etc.
69. Sleeping
70. Driving
71. Entertaining
72. Going to clubs (garden, Parents without Partners, etc.)
73. Thinking about getting married
74. Going hunting
75. Singing with groups
76. Flirting
77. Playing musical instruments
78. Doing arts and crafts
79. Making a gift for someone
80. Buying records
81. Watching boxing, wrestling
82. Planning parties
83. Cooking
84. Going hiking
85. Writing books (poems, articles)
86. Sewing
87. Buying clothes
88. Going out to dinner
89. Working
90. Discussing books
91. Sightseeing
92. Gardening
93. Going to the beauty parlor
94. Early morning coffee and newspaper
95. Playing tennis
96. Kissing
97. Watching my children (play)
98. Thinking I have a lot more going for me than most people
99. Going to plays and concerts
100. Daydreaming
101. Planning to go to school
102. Thinking about sex
103. Going for a drive
104. Listening to a stereo
105. Refinishing furniture
106. Watching TV
107. Making lists of tasks
108. Going bike riding
109. Walks in the woods (or at the waterfront)
110. Buying gifts
111. Traveling to national parks
112. Completing a task
113. Collecting shells
114. Going to a spectator sport (auto racing, horse racing)
115. Eating gooey, fattening foods
116. Teaching
117. Photography
118. Going fishing
119. Thinking about pleasant events
120. Staying on a diet
121. Playing with animals
122. Flying a plane
123. Reading fiction
124. Acting
125. Being alone
126. Writing diary entries or letters
127. Cleaning
128. Reading nonfiction
129. Taking children places
130. Dancing
131. Going on a picnic
132. Thinking “I did that pretty well” after doing something
133. Meditating
134. Playing volleyball
135. Having lunch with a friend
136. Going to the mountains
137. Thinking about having a family
138. Thoughts about happy moments in my childhood
139. Splurging
140. Playing cards
141. Solving riddles mentally
142. Having a political discussion
143. Playing softball
144. Seeing and/or showing photos or slides
145. Playing guitar
146. Knitting
147. Doing crossword puzzles
148. Shooting pool
149. Dressing up and looking nice
150. Reflecting on how I’ve improved
151. Buying things for myself (perfume, golf balls, etc.)
152. Talking on the phone
153. Going to museums
154. Thinking religious thoughts
155. Lighting candles
156. Listening to the radio
157. Getting a massage
158. Saying “I love you”
159. Thinking about my good qualities
160. Buying books
161. Taking a sauna or a steam bath
162. Going skiing
163. White-water canoeing
164. Going bowling
165. Doing woodworking
166. Fantasizing about the future
167. Taking ballet, tap dancing
168. Debating
169. Sitting in a sidewalk café
170. Having an aquarium
171. Erotica (sex books, movies)
172. Going horseback riding
173. Thinking about becoming active in the community
174. Doing something new
175. Making jigsaw puzzles
176. Thinking I’m a person who can cope

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@papayalily reading that long list made me anxious. ~

;-) Thanks!

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Seriously, meditation/deep breaths first. Often when you start feeling anxious and your heart gets pumping and other physical symptoms present, they can trick your body into an all-out panic attack.

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Having a pocket sized @lucillelucillelucille would help. Funny is as funny does.

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@jimah-That’s what he said…lol

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Here is a good post about stopping panic attacks by changing your cognitive loops.

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Consider taking the herbal supplement Calms Forte (available at any drug store). It really reduces anxiety.

Alternatively, sip some chamomile tea.

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How about smoking some weed? Id be surprised if that didn’t chill you out, and put you in a better mood entirely.

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Get a little curious about this anxiety phenomenon you’re experiencing. Ask yourself “what (symptoms) am I experiencing?” Pick it apart and look at the pieces. See if changing the pieces or merely observing them helps. Do the same with the causes—do they really warrant so much anxiety? How might you react differently? How might a non-anxious person respond? If that is beyond your ability to imagine, go ask a non-anxious person, “how would you respond to these concerns?”

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This pretty much sums up my dreams, lately. A little escape, perhaps.

Thanks, jellies.

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My anxiety is very physical so I find it helpful to talk a brisk walk. When I’m anxious I’m too anxious to sit still or focus or listen to relaxation tapes so walking works for me. You may have to try several different methods until you find what works for you.

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I’m heading out now for a jiggity-jog.

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How are you now @jjmah?

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@Dutchess_III Better. Shower, then a nap. :)

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Good! I’m glad.

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Distract yourself from your anxiety, or search for its cause. Either one will dispel it. One more permanently than the other.

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You’re screwed, anxiety sucks. Mine was so bad I thought snipers would shoot me if I smoked a cigerette. I had all sorts of crazy thoughts during an attack. Basically by saying you’re screwed I mean, that as a frame of thought about anxiety. It’s the nature of it, what can you do, wash your hands ten times, or pace like a madman. It passes, try not to overstimulate yourself. Go somewhere very calm and dark for as long as you can. And see how that feels. Then turn on your tv, computer, radio, etc, and read a magazine, and see how that feels. I used to get it bad, and it was so bad, that I had to quit Hep C treatment, major bummer.

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If you are having trouble managing your anxiety or depression, I recommend this book.

I hadn’t ever read a “self help” book before this one, but I doubt many others are like it. It doesn’t tell you you’re okay, it only tells you that your problems are never worse than bad and that you can deal with anything that doesn’t kill you. And almost none of your problems will actually kill you unless you “stupidly kill yourself.” Which really shouldn’t be that hard to understand, but I needed to hear it.

The writer, Albert Ellis uses something he apparently “invented” called Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. It’s worth reviewing the REBT idea if you have any problems with depression or anxiety. And, who doesn’t from time to time? Helped me invent my own way of dealing with things. I don’t agree with Ellis religiously, he promotes a fairly selfish and simplistic view of the world, but I guess that’s what lonely crazy people need to get themselves better. Scan through the Wikipedia pages if nothing else.

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