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How do you lose weight without dieting?

Asked by mostlyclueless (701points) July 29th, 2010

I am of a normal weight and I already eat right and exercise. I have been trying to reduce the quantity of food I eat so I can slowly lose 10–15 pounds to increase my athletic performance, but I am hungry often and it is uncomfortable and feels unsustainable. I don’t want to lose the weight just to gain it right back.

Any suggestions or personal experiences?

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A nice stomach filler… 5–10 minutes before a meal, spread olive oil on a piece of whole wheat bread. It helps curb the appetite.

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Cheese sticks. in the refrigerator section of the grocery. low-fat cheese. one will curb your appetite and the calories and carbs are nil. works for me.

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Yogurt and water.

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What you eat is more important than how much. Start doing some intensive research on the healthiest foods that you might like and incorporate them into your diet. Don’t worry about calories until you’ve gotten to the point where you’re eating almost exclusively very healthy food.

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I already eat exclusively very healthy food. I eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and whole grains, and nuts, cheese, and soy for protein. I never eat out. I cook all my own food. 80% of what I eat comes from the local farmer’s market.

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Losing weight can be painful but you seem to making all the right choices. This isn’t rocket science. You know how much you eat and exercise. Just make the adjustments as needed. Being healthy requires hard work. That is why so many people are out of shape, over weight and unhealthy. You are in charge of your body. Keep up the hard work. Good health!

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Just reduce your calories and DON’T CALL IT A DIET.

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Burn more calories than you consume.

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Just out of curiosity, how much of that “extra” 10–15 pounds is fat anyways? If you eat right and exercise enough to not gain weight then I would guess that there isn’t much, especially if you are getting your protein from soy instead of meat.

Personally, I eat the full fat, full calorie stuff since whenever I eat those “diet” foods, I wind up eating a hell of a lot more before I feel full, and by that time I have taken in more fat and calories than I would’ve had I just eaten the regular stuff.

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To increase your athletic performance, if you are of a normal weight, you need to gain weight. Muscle mass does have weight.

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Agree with mattbrowne.

If you are of ‘normal’ (or should this be average) weight for your height/build, and are eating well and exercising already, then you will need to increase your muscle mass (which is heavier than fat) to improve your athletic performance.
To lose more weight could probably be quite detrimental to your performance.

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@mattbrowne: That is not correct. I am a distance runner and need to lose weight in order to run faster.

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Be fair – it is correct depending on what kind of Athletic activity you are doing – which you didn’t really specify in your question. You only stated you wanted to increase athletic performance, not that you wanted to be a distant runner. It would be correct for sprinting, cycling etc
You say you are eating right but you are still hungry…. and you want to lose more weight…?
Warning bells should be ringing. Be carefull you dont faint! It doesn’t sound like you are giving your body the correct nourishment if you are hungry. Distant runners arn’t starving.

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I think that you could use a good running coach. You could also be helped from joining a running club. That is were to get detailed and specific information and help that you seek. I was a pretty fast running in the 1980’s and I got help from the best coaches and running buddies. They helped me to run a marathon in 2:36:10, a 10K in 33:08, 5K in 14:59 and a mile in 4:45. There was no way that I could have achieved the success that I did on my own. While in marathon training I had to eat about everything in sight in order to keep from losing too much weight. But we are all different. Good luck!

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@mostlyclueless – Agree. Distance running is special. But in most cases it’s about more muscle mass.

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@SVTSuzie lol
minithins, nodoz, even robotussin gel caps will do it for ya, take 5 of those and call me in the morning.

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Don’t reduce the quantity of food. Increase the calories burned by working out more.

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