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Is worring about weight gain a good thing/bad thing?

Asked by LazyMe10 (508points) March 14th, 2017

Hello, this is open to all.
Okay, I’m only 22 years old going on 23 soon & I’ve always been skinny. I mean tat literally, I was a hospital baby plus I was a certain diet for awhile til I was older, then I did do sports in middle school & high school. But when I was gone for institute life for 2½ years I didn’t do sports (this place wasn’t a university) but I did walk around a lot or mainly to my destination. But I’ve been home for about a year and some months. I haven’t been active as normal..i love working out when I can! Feel so damn refreshed after! As for my eating habits, well, that changes a lot. Cause it all depends on what is in the house.

But I’m trying to at least do stretches or a small workout in the morning when I get up. It was working for awhile but then I got lazy, distracted, or stressing out something ( I do have a bad tendency to overthink & stress out on certain situations). I do have a lot on my mind this year & it’s annoying that something’s I can’t take into action til I get a damn job! (job hunting is so damn annoying)

I’m sorry, I’m rambling. But I just worry that I may “blow up” as my friends use to say in school. They would tell me to be happy I was skinny for I would get super fat when I get older or that I need to eat more or etc. For I’ve noticed I might be gaining a bit on my stomach..but it does worry me though. I say this because I’ve never really shown my figure! I’m slim with hips but I’ve always feared showing it off. I always wore baggy clothing in school & got mistaken for a boy, I didn’t like wearing fitted clothing because I didn’t like hearing people question why don’t I wear “those” type of clothes more or show my figure. Well when I was younger people were having sex a lot and showing off way too much damn skin! I was raised extra old school and showing too much was a no.

So I’m just wonder am I missing out on showing off my figure? I’m not looking for some lover or anything…im just scared to think that one day I want to look nice just for me and show off my well..its just too late. I don’t have the shape anymore…I like being my scrony self…I guess I just don’t like change.

I’m really sorry for sorry if this doesn’t make sense..sorry. You can reply if you want..

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It’s fine to a degree, but if you obsess about it and freak out over every gram, you have a problem.

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^Agreed. I would add, concentrate on being “healthy.” Then, the body will be fine.

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I second the health option. Do plenty of exercise that you enjoy – as you say, it makes you feel good. Eat lots of vegetables and eat them first before meat and desserts.

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Weight gain does not happen instantly. It creeps up one fraction of a pound at a time. It is much easier to keep your weight at a healthy level than to try to lose wieght to get down to that level. If yo are healthy and like your weight now your est best is to weigh yourself regularly and make minor adjustments in diet and exercise to keep it there. It is much easier to keep your weight at a level than to fight to lose extra pounds.

Here’s a good rule of thumb for you. Walking or running one mile expends about 100 calories. (You can get the real number for you by entering your stats into any of dozens of health sites including the USDA. 100 will be close enough.) See that cookie over there? That is 100 calories. It will take one mile of walking or running to burn that off. Would you rather skip the cookie or skip the one mile?. Of would you rather do both? Life is full of choices. Should I spend this dollar or keep it? If you spend it all the time don’t be surprised if you have none later on.
See that 350 pound guy lumbering down the hallway? Do you know how he got that way? A few ounces at a time. How much do you think he would pay to be 160 pounds again.

Take it from an old guy: Everything in life is better when you are in shape. Try to stay that way.

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^Well said, as always.

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Well, if you aren’t as active, and don’t want to gain weight, cut back on your calorie intake. In this world it’s almost impossible not to obsess,though.

Are you responsible for what food is in your house or is someone else? If it’s just you, try to avoid the junk, candy, chips, all that stuff that is so easy to mindlessly eat, and only have good foods around.

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I think you should only worry if you feel unhealthy or you don’t like how you look being overweight.
Some people look good with a few extra pounds, I don’t think I do.
I find depression and sleep deprivation to be the worst for weight gain in my experience.
I was always in shape until my marriage fell apart, then I started eating junk and drinking beer just to feel good for a moment.
Living like that packs the weight on pretty fast so avoid bad relationships.
Then I got rid of the booze and pop and chips and started eating fruits and vegetables again and cut down on eating a lot of bread.
I got thin again, hot baths every once in a while seemed to help me sweat the weight off just don’t get too dehydrated and try to find a place to run.
Running once or twice a week seems to tone everything up.
Of course I’m back eating cookies again, but at least I have a formula that go back to every time I start to gain weight again.
I agree with the person who said it’s easier to keep your body at a healthy weight than it is to lose large amounts of weight later on.
I’m just unbalanced, I eat junk for a while then I’m extremely health conscious for a while then back to junk food.
Probably not the healthiest way to live, but better than just gaining and gaining weight and losing control of it I guess?
Good luck. : )

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” marriage fell apart, then I started eating junk and drinking beer just to feel good for a moment.
Living like that packs the weight on pretty fast so avoid bad relationships.
LOLL! Don’t avoid junk and beer, just bad relationships!

I like the comment ”…I have a formula that go back to every time I start to gain weight again.” That is really excellent. I do too. And it’s a lot easier to lose 5 pounds than 20, so keep an eye on those scales.

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LoL, I guess it is kinda funny to avoid bad relationships rather than junk food and beer, but I usually have a lot of will power to take care of myself, but being depressed about my shitty relationship really wore me down to the point of not sleeping, feeling hopeless and being self destructive.
Now that some time has passed I feel like I have the strength to love myself and make good choices again.
That’s why at least for me the junk food and beer isn’t really tempting unless I’m hurting inside.
I think a lot of overweight people and alcoholics might admit to using food or alcohol or drugs or sex etc. to distract themselves from some sort internal pain.
Not everyone is like that, but that’s how I was.

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^That’s why I drink…

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@MrGrimm888 @Danebiggs @Dutchess_III @LuckyGuy @Stinley @Sneki95 1st I want to thank all of you for your glorious advice. And 2nd I want to apologize. Im really sorry for all this..I have these tendencies to overthink and stress myself out on the oddest things (not all of them are odd..some are quite well that leads to more then just stressing). But I’m okay now. I was only worried because I know my nutrition sucks at the moment. Yet I will do better with it; no I don’t have control of the mother grocery shops when she can. I have went grocery shopping for her and I’ve done an amazing job cause I know how to save.
But seriously I’m okay now. I’ve just accepted the fact that I need to do better with my nutrition intact so it doesn’t affect my health. Fun Fact about me: majority of my childhood I was a hospital baby on a certain diet and I other issues. I’ll get back into stretching, an reminding my mother to get plenty of fruits and veggies, also I’ve always weighed between 112–114 pounds. I’m a really skinny young adult, always been skinny. My cousins say my shape is literally a glass coca cola bottle. Which is true, Im skinny but I have hips lol.
Honestly though, thank you for worry about little old me and I hope you all have an amazing day where ever you are. :) ( I might have repeated myself a few times..another bad habit of mines, sorry about that)

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How tall are you? 115 was about what I was in high school. I’m 5’8”

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@Dutchess_III I’m 5ft & 5in..stopped growing around mid-high school. Thought I was getting another growth spurt, but genetics were like “Nope!” lol :P

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112 is great then! My goodness. This crazy world we live in.

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Thanks for the update @LazyMe10 .

Peace n love.

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Yup, you don’t have a weight problem.
I hope you don’t think you do.

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^^^ That’s the crazy world I’m referring to. What was normal weight when I was young is viewed as “too skinny” today. But it’s not far from there to “too fat.”

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Loving and accepting your body better is essential to being sexy.

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I personally love my body best when I’m at my normal weight. That’s just the way it is. I’m not going to pretend I look all sexy and cute when I don’t.

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