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Can I wash the cloth I use to polish and clean my wood furniture when I use Murphy's Oil Soap?

Asked by Dutchess_III (42844points) July 30th, 2010

I have lots of antiques, and I’ve always used Old English to polish them. But on a remodeling show they showed how wood soap really, really cleans, so I started using Murphy oil soap, and I like the results MUCH better. They just look and feel cleaner. The thing with Old English though, is that I just used the same oil cloth for years. With the wood soap, however, I have the urge to wash the wash cloth after three or four uses but…I don’t know what it might do to the rest of the load in the washer. Anyone know? Any ideas on how to wash them, or if I even need to?

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Hand wash them in a basin. Rinse, hang out to dry on porch or deck chair. I think the residual stuff on the rags would not be good for plumbing.

Plus, occasionally, oily rags that are stored can combust. It happened to me once when I was using linseed oil on refinished furniture. Luckily I left the rags in a galvanized bucket, on a screened-in porch, but I see see smoke coming out of them.

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@gailcalled Crap! You are so absolutely right about the spontaneous combustion! I never thought of that, even though I know about it! Thanks

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I always launder the cloth after cleaning with Murphy’s. I too use Old English sometimes. I hand wash those cloths and air dry.

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I wash them with my other heavily soiled clothes, the mens jeans and work out clothes, for instance.

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@YARNLADY But it’s got oil in int….

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Hand wash it. It’s so easy and quick!

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