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When deep cleaning your house, which room takes the longest to clean?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46740points) July 18th, 2018

My answer is my bathroom. For one thing, it doesn’t get cleaned on a regular basis like the kitchen and living room. I mean, I scrub the toilet when it needs it, about once a month, but I’m just not up to the rest any more, except for the occasional lick and a promise. It was different when I had kids in the house, but now it’s just Rick and me so, meh.
So, now I’m deep cleaning and I’ve been working on the bathroom for 2 days. (Consider my cleaning tools include a toothbrush and a tiny flat head screw driver.)
The rest of the house won’t take that long.

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The dungeon usually takes ages to clean.

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Wait…it needs cleaning???

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You can only stack them so high.

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You give your bathroom a lick and a promise??!

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It’s an old timey phrase and I know you’ve heard it @janbb!

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Oh gosh I hope you didn’t lick the toilet.

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YOU GUYS!!! Wait…you’re not suppose to lick it? Maybe that’s what’s taking sooooo long.

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SOMEONE COME HELP ME!!! My back can’t take this shit…..

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Maybe you should get some slaves.

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Maybe if you gave Rick an allowance, he’d help you.

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He’s working on the wiring to the camper so my Dad’s wife can have her own apartment with air conditioning. The guest room upstairs is just too damn hot.

All my slaves moved out some time back @ragingloli.

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The bathroom. It’s ALWAYS the bathroom!

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And I’m almost done with the damn bathroom!

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Why did you have to use Ricks toothbrush for cleaning?

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Kitchen. And it should, this is where most of the mess is generated, where the majority of the foodstuffs are handled and the room you want the cleanest. Bathroom a near second.

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Well, I clean my kitchen every day as it is, @rojo, but I don’t clean my bathroom every day like I used to when the kids were home. That’s why the bathroom takes the longest.

Well, I didn’t tell him that I used it @chyna, so it’s all good. ;)

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We have staff for that.
I mean…too fucking easy.

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The kitchen by far. I can clean the entire bathroom in the time it takes to clean my fridge/freezer.

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I keep my house very clean. The things I don’t do is clean the outside of the windows. I wait until they really need it then pay someone to do it. Off-duty firemen often do stuff like that. All of the other rooms are kept clean all the time. My toilets, sinks, showers, and floors gets cleaned twice weekly at a minimum. I like to sleep on fresh sheets so I change our bed every other day. I used to do it every four days but I’m getting quirkier each year. :)

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You specify deep cleaning. to me that means the kitchen. counting the refrigerator, stove and dishwasher, plus wiping out all the shelves, and the cupboard doors. Even without the appliances, doing the dishes(putting them away), wiping down the counters, cleaning the floor, and sink is by far more than the bathroom.

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The garage

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I think the kitchen, but the bathroom is right up there. I constantly clean my stove top and counters, but not the fridge and the floors and wiping down the cabinets, and shining up the stainless steal appliances. Sometimes I run a cleaning cycle for my dishwasher. I asked my husband to move the stove (a range oven combination unit) out so I can clean back there, I’m still waiting. I’m sure it’s awful on the sides in-between the stove and counter.

I clean my toilets about once a week. I clean the shower less often. I do it in various stages. Mildew killer one day. Soap scum removal and a good wiping down another day. Floors I swiffer when I swiffer the whole house. I wet mop more sporadically.

My cleaning is rather haphazard.

If you include tidying up, then my office is the big winner.

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