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If you're close to you mom that means you respect women right? Is it the same for "if you respect your dad you'll respect men" also? And do you believe this?

Asked by Vincent_Lloyd (3007points) July 31st, 2010

Okay well since I grew up without my dad and lived in a house full of women. Is it true that when you respect your mother that you respect women also? (Or something like that with respecting your mom or….something….) I mean I’m close to my mommy and I love her very much. And Yes I do respect women. But if I took her out of the picture and had my dad in replace of her with my two sisters…Would that mean I wouldn’t respect women, and I would respect men more? I mean I don’t believe this is always true, but it does seem to work for me I suppose. But…What do you guys (this time I mean EVERYONE!) think on it? To you believe it? Is your life sort of like mine except you don’t respect women?

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I believe mama’s boys treat women . Beautifully.
I believe with daddy’s little girls treat men also very well.

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I think respect is a conscious decision you make when meeting every individual. It depends on so many factors (the other person’s appearance, social status, how they carry themselves, how they act, whether you get along, your own social conditioning…) that one could not simply say “I disrespect men because I never met my dad”.

For example – you may not have had a father in your life, but I’m sure you’ve had a male teacher. Did you treat him with disrespect? How about the bus driver? the front man to your favourite rock band? the pastor at your church? a local police officer? the check-out guy at the grocery store?

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Simplified, respect all people that want to be respected. Gender has no bearing.

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Respect has to be earned, no matter the gender. i have no respect for men or women who are drug addicts or alcoholics. they not only hurt themselves, but also other people.

I had the utmost respect for my parents. they were great mentors for my brother and i.

Like i said, respect has to be earned.

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I’m a feminist and respect all genders – I am not close to my mom and was never close to my dad.

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Respecting one woman—even your mother—is not a good indicator of respecting all women or being a feminist. I’m certain there are plenty of sexist people out there who love their mommy.

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well not all women are the same as your own mother or guys the same than your dad, what if your dad is an ashole? that doesn’t mean all guys are

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@Seek_Kolinahr : actually I haven’t really had a male teacher at all. I’m pretty much learning everything from my mom, online or by myself. But I can’t say I don’t respect the other guys like you said a police officer, the grocery guy (haha), or the pastor of the church (I don’t go to church though but I do think on religion)

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I don’t believe respect has anything to do with being close to Mom and Dad. Respect is something that is taught along with other good manners.

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I do not think that “respect” has to be earned – trust is what must be earned. I respect the people that I meet/know, unless they prove to be unworthy of respect. Gender has nothing to do with it, race has nothing to do with it, sexual persuasion has nothing to do with it, social standing has nothing to do with it – out of respect for oneself, respect for others should be a standard. I never knew my Father, he abandoned me as soon as I was born – but I do not judge men based upon his actions – to do so would be an exercise in futility. I was raised by my Step-Father (who was an emotionally abusive alcoholic), but I do not judge men based upon his actions, either. The trying circumstances of my childhood meant that I learned to look deeper into a man’s life in order to avoid individuals who are not worthy of respect & also to avoid drunks (who are not worthy of anyone’s respect). It has been a learning process, but it has certainly been interesting & I enjoy a man’s company when they respect themselves enough so as to also be able to respect others.

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I’ve known some mama’s boys that felt entitled. They were spoiled, and treated women terribly.

just sayin

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No. Not true.

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