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Your father calls and leaves a message that your aunt died, only he named the wrong aunt. Funny or sad?

Asked by WillWorkForChocolate (23112points) July 31st, 2010

My dad called while I was out last night to tell me my aunt Reba died. After calling other family members to get funeral details, I found out it was actually my aunt Sarah that had passed away. I guess my dad got mixed up somehow because both women had been married to his brother. Reba was his first wife and Sarah was his current wife.

I can’t decide if my father’s confusion is funny or sad.

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Just confused. I don’t think it’s either funny or sad. He probably didn’t want to leave a voicemail, and people get all sorts of jumbled up once a voicemail starts off on the wrong foot.

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He was probably just upset.

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Since my own father is exhibiting signs of early Alzheimer’s, sad.

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Is that what someone might call a ‘mixed blessing’?

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@Pied_Pfeffer Ummmmm no, just mixed up.

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I suppose some with a dark sense of humor would find it amusing, but I don’t think it’s necessarily sad. If anything, it’s unfortunate that you initially received the wrong information.

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It is unfortunate. I could see how it might be a bit funny if you aren’t especially close to either aunt. I imagine it’s always awful to hear that one person has died, and to find out that it is someone else. You start the mourning process for one, and then have to start all over if you find you’ve been given the wrong information.

So a bit of both, depending on the perspective.

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I think it is an example of what stress can do to you…
I introduced my girlfriend (lets call her Beth) to my parents, as being named Joyce (lets call my brother’s girlfriend like that).
That was also nerves getting the better of me.

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sad now funny later

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I think I might be a little distraut.
I think it will be sad but funny later like @daytonamisticrip said.

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My father would know the name of his own sister and I have no maternal aunts so I guess it would be funny.

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SAD! my father died a long time ago…...... :-/

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