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How amazed are you by your own complexity?

Asked by lloydbird (8730points) July 31st, 2010

Just looking to see what people think.

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Not very much. I’m really pretty simple. It doesn’t take much to keep me happy. What can I say? I’m a guy.

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Pretty amazed, it’s crazy how if I died tonight I would simply be gone, all of my plans, aspirations, and goals would be non existent. It’s strange how my death would change the physiology of other human’s brains.

It’s strange how my thought process can be simple and close-ended, and then the next day, or even minutes or hours later, I feel like I don’t even know who I am.

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I am a complex person, but I’ve known that for 72 years. I am a Gemini and therefore have a twin personality. I also am probably boarder line bipolar.

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I am more often amazed by the complexity of other people, people whom I have judged and made assumptions about based on limited knowledge of them and on my own biases and preconceptions; something not only I but many people seem to be guilty of, including, but not limited to people on Fluther.

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I’m not all that complex but I am bright and funny as hell. lol

My brain is turbo charged when it comes to wit and verbosity, hell, I don’t even need to be around anyone, I can have a perfectly great time all by myself, never at a loss for amusements.

It’s the left handed, right brained blonde factor. haha

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i’m just perplexed…not amazed…...

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Now, there’s a question.

How amazed” calls for a rating, an evaluation against a scale: an expression of relative degree. So let’s see: on a scale of 1 to 10, here are some things that amaze me.

10 The meaning of infinity
9 The wonders of nature
8 The amount of stupidity in the world
7 Man’s capacity for cruelty and hatred
6 The power of love
5 The things some people manage to believe
4 The variety of human experience
3 My own complexity
2 The number of worthless things that somebody will pay money for
1 The area of floor you can cover with one spilled glass of milk

So—a three. I’d say it’s about a three.

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I’m used to it by now. I’m more frustrated by my limitations than marvelling at my abilities, but that is just my dissatisfied, pessimistic side.

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I’m not amazed by my own complexity any more than I am amazed by the complexity of humans in general.

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No.. I don’t think about it that much. I am just glad to be alive.

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Very amazed. It’s just hard to count and explain all my complexities in words. What makes me sad is that we’ll lost all of our complexity when we’re dead.

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Amazed??I’m appalled ;)

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I’m not very complex. I doubt anyone would be amazed, much less me.

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I am more amazed even appalled at the shallow nature and lack of complexity in others I meet! ;)

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I think other people must consider me very complex (or maybe complicated is a better word), but I don’t feel it myself. I’m just an ordinary bloke at heart.

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In a biological, cultural, evolutionary, and psychological way – as a human being – I’m pretty complex for a living organism.

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Amazed??!!??? I’m confused!?!

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Essentially were just a sack of walking guts and fluids. Then you add on the digestive system, sleep regulation, all the little inner clocks, sensors telling you when to scratch…when to scream. Then there’s the way we interact with our surroundings, looking at something, picking it up, throwing it at someone, watching their reaction. AND all the little inherit things like wanting to belong, primal urges and procreation, motherhood. and Ultimately freewill to think what you want to think, do what you want to do (even if what you do has consequences) Arguably love is either inherit or another facilitation of man and his devious motives. so lonely.
I’m awesome, your awesome, we’re all awesome. (give yourself a hug)

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