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What is everyone doing tonight?

Asked by DinoMite7 (33points) March 21st, 2008 from iPhone

I am watching a movie with my girlfriend a chickflick

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soooo bored i dont even know the name of the movie im hiding my phone right now

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Bar-B-Queing Ribeye steaks and if I burn them because I’m at this website… Dang, I hate to even think about it….

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sister hazel concert at the hard rock casino

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staying home, being alone and depressed because my two best friends that i love and used to go out with all the time are out with their boyfriends instead of me

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I just drove 8 hours from Tucson to Irvine. Just got here I’m pooped.

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watching people waste their money on eBay…

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watching SmackDown =)

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I picked up my sister-in-law and nephews at the airport for a week’s visit a few hours ago. Her kids are playing the Wii with my kids, my husband is snoring, and while she is unpacking I am sneaking in some Fluthering. :-)

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hm lying in my bed and watching chasing liberty but its over tho. So anyway I’m going to bed. sigh I missed my ex. Lol.

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well, I worked from 8AM this morning, til midnight, ran by Sheetz and grabbed some sangwiches, and now I’m chilling around a friends apartment playing old school Sonic the Hedgehog

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going to head to the bars downtown, smoke a cigar (Fleur De Dominicana), and generally have a damn good time…

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