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how about just asking “has anyone tried for the iPhone?” Sorry if I’m being nit-picky, it’s just annoying that people have gotten into the habit of “splitting” their questions up-half on the question page half after the jump-it’s getting rather loathesome.

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I’m evil…I apologize

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no need to apologize-we all are (a little bit)...;)

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ok and the answer is?

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Its ok, I prefer FlyTunes for streaming music.

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It seems to be a teaser still. Is this question just a sneaky way of promoting the app? Sorry if I’m wrong rawpixels, but it looks that way. If it is promotion, and you’re a part of the team, I’d much prefer an honest “I’m a part of the team behind and we’re looking for feedback”. I might be completely wrong though, in which case I apologise :-)

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I’m not part of “the team.” I’m just an iPhone user, but accept your apology. :)

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thank you rawpixels! In which case I shall take your tip in the spirit it was intended and give stitcher a whirl.

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