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What are the most important things that make a web site successful?

Asked by Ranimi23 (1914points) August 1st, 2010

I think the main thing is good CONTENT, something with value for the users. The next thing is USABILITY, easy to use and understand and working fast, no time to waste.

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Well, success is definately a function of the content. The usability is the multiplier, and the exponent is the time it has been available. I think it may actually be that simple, or at least something similar in form.

Advertisement plus a value derived from media attention can be the added value.

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Content is definetely a plus, but i think a NEED comes first. example: if i developed a site that was strictly dedicated to one subject, the hits would be minimal. like a site strictly for the information on how a popsicle is made. this is a limited topic. but, if my web site was informative, like how are desserts made, would have an endless wealth of information.

A need, contents, easy accessibility, safety, and informative are the ingredients for a successful web site.

“Build it and they will come”.

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Agree with all the above. informative, trustworthy and up-to-date content + ease of the finding it (i.e., minimal # of clicks, easy-to-use menus and a simple site map) = successful site.

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A clear purpose is the prerequisite.

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As a website builder, you have to start by defining who the website shareholders are, and have them define (and agree among the various factions) what “success” is and how is it measured. There are many criteria, and there may be differing points of view.

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Traffic and good content.

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Traffic and good content.

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I think the first thing is “the Right Design” due to Its consumers. Other things like SEO optimization and contents are also important.

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Simplicity is best. If the site is just an advertisement, it’s better to keep it clean and free of extraneous options that will only confuse the user. A shoppping cart option is also a good idea.

Don’t use a background picture and don’t use large images. If images are used, make sure they are png extensions as they are quite light and versatile and viewable by any browser.
I prefer to use frames so that the whole page doesn’t have to be loaded when you click an option although some browsers do have problems with frames. You also need to make the page browser compatible for at least 4 browser types.

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Bacon Bits.

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