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Who killed JFK?

Asked by gypsywench (1616points) August 1st, 2010

Who do you believe may have been involved in John F. Kennedy’s assassination?
CIA? The Soviets? Castro? The Mafia?
A combination of these?
Was there a conspiracy?
Did Lee Harvey Oswald murder JFK on his own or at all?

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Colonel Mustard in the library with the revolver.

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A malcontent with a neat rifle.

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He shot himself, although he missed his designed target, and the shot was fatal. The plan was to render convertible cars illegal. Kennedy was losing millions on his investment of glass roofs for cars. So, if the convertible was illegal, glass roofs would be be purchased by GM and JFK would have been rich.

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Humanoid reptilians under the influence of the Trilateral Commission were ordered to murder JFK because of a Freemason plot to protect their own ancient astronaut secrets that had long been hidden on the moon where Halliburton and George Soros were secretly in cahoots building FEMA concentration camps. If JFK was allowed to live, we would have successfully colonized the moon and discovered the true origins of the shadow government Illuminati aliens from Area 51 that crashed at Roswell. They were actually psychic vampires that lived at the aforementioned FEMA/Halliburton/Sorosian base on the moon. If the secrets were discovered, the ancient Mayan god of destruction would be resurrected at that very moment. JFK’s assassination postponed the Apocalypse until exactly 49 years later: 2012. This is interesting, because 4 + 9 equals 13. Well if you subtract 2 (the number of alien craft required to build the pyramids) from 13 you get 11. If you squint and look at the Carcano (an Italian rifle invented by the Mafia) it kind of looks like a 9 on its side. Turn it over and put it next to 11 and you get…




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Lee Harvey Oswald, but there has always been a mob conspiracy due to Jack Ruby shooting Lee.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard That’s a good answer. What about the grassy knoll?

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@gypsywench, I knew you would ask that! The grassy knoll is actually a wormhole to a crystal-powered fourth dimension where prions react with hollow-earth energy vortexes. These energy fields are capable of propelling bullets.

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it was lee harvey oswald…. how he did it
with a magic bullet…magic has existed for years, now you know the truth

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@lapilofu Here is what another bystander caught from a different angle

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard You’ve got it right, although I think Opus Dei may have had a hand in there somewhere.

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I think Harvey had help..He did not act alone. .

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The Three Stooges. Those bozo’s fired randomly, bullets ricocheting all over the place. Pure luck that one happened to blow his brains out. They had a disagreement over image rights apparently.

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Lee Harvey was hired as a hitman because LBJ wanted to be the pres and powerful people wanted him there to be there as their puppet as well.

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I’m not 100% certain because I wasn’t there and don’t have access to 100% of the facts> But based on what I’ve read and heard over many years, I’ve concluded to my own satisfaction that Oswald acted alone. I know, I know, there are numerous reasons why many people think he couldn’t possibly have been the lone gunman, but that’s what I believe. I also believe that if there had been a conspiracy, it would have been uncovered over the past four decades, especially since reporting has reached the point that Lindsay can’t burp without the globe knowing about it.

I can say one thing with 100% certainty, though, to all you Ollie Stone and conspiracy lovers who think the movie “JFK” is gospel. It’s not. It’s entertaining fiction seeded with facts.

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And… Was The Babushka Lady involved??

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More than one shooter was involved.

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I was going to tell you the same thing @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard—word for word (it’s part of the conspiracy theorist’s international creed)—but he already said it, and now there’s no need for me to say it again. So why am I writing?

The truth is that I’m totally bummed. I was really looking forward to explaining the story about aliens, the new world order, area 51, and the strange inverted shadows on the grassy knoll. I wanted to talk about how the trilateral commission and the new world order were duking it out over who got to plan the whole thing. Oswald, it turns out, was a walking nuclear time bomb (material stolen from the Russians at the time that meteor slammed into Siberia). If he had been captured, he would have exploded, taking half of Dallas with him.

As it was, he got away and, by means of the transdimensional octopus, was able to escape into a planet called reality. Once inside, he turned into a plasma creature who is blasting thoughtwaves through the multiverse. People receiving these waves become zombies, usually without knowing it. The only people immune to his brain colonization are those wearing tin foil hats.

Go figure.

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@wundayatta, oh dear God, you had to bring the multiverse into this?! Everyone knows the multiverse is a fictional invention of Stephen King!

You do have a valid point about the plasma creature transformation though.

@stranger_in_a_strange_land, I totally forgot. Opus Dei was going to record the assassination in the Necronomicon but they ran out of children’s blood to use for ink when the time traveling Satanists from the 80’s lost their crystal powered navigator.

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Oh @Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard, have they gotten to you, too? And here I thought I had finally met someone who understands truth. Well, there is still hope. Meet me at HAARP and I will show you evidence that you won’t be able to deny. If HAARP isn’t the secret transdimensional jitney, then I’ll eat my aluminum foil hat!

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Joe DiMaggio. He was insane with jealousy over JFK’s trysts with Marilyn. He got funding from the Colombians by doing those coffee commercials for free. You can see this clearly in frame 36 of the Zapruder film, or you could see it clearly before the CIA doctored it. The lyric in Simon & Garfunkel’s Mrs. Robinson that refers to DiMaggio almost gave it away, too, but nobody quite picked up on it.

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I am risking interrupting this thread with a serious answer.

It was elements of the CIA, FBI, and the Military Industrial Complex.
Ruby, E.Howard Hunt, and Dulles were involved.

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The Beatles, or more accurately, their manager Brian Epstein. They figured, correctly, that killing JKF would make Americans long for some distraction from the hideous memory of the outrageous murder of a president, and they would go for something wildly new in the entertainment field. A few months later, the Ed Sullivan show and bingo.

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@filmfann , if you’re really looking for a serious answer to this, the only plausible conspiracy theory I have heard about JFK’s assassination is this one:

Sam Giancana, then boss of the Chicago mob, had JFK killed in retaliation for what he believed was a broken promise by JFK’s father, Joe Kennedy, who had mob ties from his bootlegger days. Joe K. had elicited the help of the mob in getting JFK elected. They believed this would buy them unprecedented influence in the Federal government, but JFK, particularly through the actions of his brother, Bobby, instead turned on them. The failure at the Bay of Pigs was the last straw. The mob owned Battista, and his ouster from Cuba cost them untold millions in lost revenues.

Oswald was the shooter, one of them, anyway, but when he was caught, a hitter – Jack Ruby – was dispatched to silence him before he could talk. Ruby was a Dallas night club owner with ties to the mob.

This is all done to mandolin music, but there’s not a lot of tinfoil needed.

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Thanks for all the insightful information! I’ve personally came to the conclusion that it was the Humanoid Reptilians…. and the everyone else.

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I’m no conspiracy theorist, but I’ve yet to see a good answer regarding how Oswald could have cocked that gun repeatedly and hit the moving target from that distance without missing in such a short time frame. If someone has something explaining how that could occur, I’d love to see it after all these years

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@cockswain , didn’t you see Full Metal Jacket? Sgt. Hardass explains it very succinctly. “Where do you think that son of a bitch learned how to shoot like that? – the Marine Corps!”

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I just heard a copy of E. Howard Hunt’s deathbead confession, admitting to his (and the CIA’s) involvement.
I knew he was, I am shocked he admitted it.

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@filmfann What did he say?

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He claims he and his team (including Frank Sturgis) were bench warmers for The Big Event, which was the code name for the JFK assassination. He said Johnson was behind it. I am not sure I buy that second part, but it is interesting. You can hear it here

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