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What does it mean when you dream that an old crush you had makeouts with you but in reality he now hates you and you already have a boyfriend of 9 months?

Asked by octoberpaige (9points) August 2nd, 2010

in the dream we run into each othr at a mall and we start flirting then his girfriend gets mad and walks aways and then we go through this whole big scenario of what if and at the end we start making out and he has to go with his girfrriend and i go so does this mean we can be friends again and he just smiles and walks away what does this mean!?

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sounds like a typical puberty dream to me. What are you reading or watching before bedtime?

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We get this question on almost a daily basis here. It’s a normal dream. It doesn’t “mean” anything, except that maybe deep down you wish things had ended better. It definitely does not change reality.

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“deep down you wish things had ended better.”

I concur. :-)

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The dream means nothing as far as whether you can be friends with this guy again. That, you have to do with hard relationship work.

The rest of the dream has a kind of tortured feeling. Should I or shouldn’t I? You are of two minds about something (not necessarily the guy). You partly want to bring whatever it is closer to you, and you partly want to push it away.

If I knew how old you are, it would help. Are there any fairly big issues you might be struggling with, besides the boys? Like should you get a job, or get a car, or go to this college or that one? Should you move out of your parents house or stay home? Those are the kinds of issues I’m talking about, although it could be something else.

Of course, your dream doesn’t give you an answer to the problem. It’s just pointing it out to remind you that you need to focus on it, whatever it is.

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It means you will be grounded by your parents soon ;)

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Dream is just dream. It means nothing,you can just enjoy it.

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im in college…

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@octoberpaige -All the more reason to ground you!XD

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It means nothing

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I believe it means that you were asleep.

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It doesn’t sound good friend, not good at all.

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