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Has any human being surprised you lately-?

Asked by mazingerz88 (24242points) September 20th, 2013

Just heard on the news that a guy in Spain found a lotto ticket then found out later it won 6 million dollars but didn’t take the money since the ticket isn’t his. News said it might take a long time to prove who owns it. Eventually it will go to the guy who found the ticket if left unclaimed.

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You mean, like the homeless guy who turned in $40,00 in cash and travelers checks and turned it into police? Or the Dairy Queen guy who saw a woman keep $20 dropped by a blind man, chastised and refused service to the woman, and then gave $20 out of his own pocket to the blind man?

Nope, I am not surprised, people do good things all the time. And they sleep well at night and blessings will flow to them. Good Karma!

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Human beings are generally more like you described than not. But for some reason, the occasional thief, sociopath or bully gets recognized as typical, and not as the freaks that they are.

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@zenvelo But it’s 6 million bucks maaaan…LOL I know. I know. :)

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I hope they get to split it. The guy who bought the ticket and the one who turned it in.

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When I went marketing at my local food cöop today, one of the clerks remembered that I had left a box of fresh raspberries, already paid for, at the counter last week. She sought me out and issued me a $4.99 credit.

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Hmmmm. Would I do that? Find a lottery ticket, find out it’s worth that much and turn it in? I honestly don’t know that I would! I have to think about this dark side of me that I just discovered. I would turn in a million dollars of someone’s money I found, or a ring or piece of jewelry, but a lottery ticket? Is thinking.

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This is par for my home town. We have some stuff sitting beside the garage, on the side that faces the alley. A bit down from that is our trash corral. Guy came knocking on our front door, asked if he could have the truck tool box sitting back there. Rick was on the phone, in a meeting, so I took the guys name and told him I’d call him back.

A couple hours later I spoke to Rick and he said, “Sure,” so I called the guy.

It would have been easy enough for the guy to just take it without asking Can’t see that side of the garage from the house and it’s in an alley, so no one would have really noticed it. But he didn’t. And this isn’t the first time this has happened, where people ask permission to take something that appears to be unused.

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Giving my self a headache. In my thinking I just got to the part where the guy realized he lost his lottery ticket…....

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@zenvelo Or the Dairy Queen guy who saw a woman keep $20 dropped by a blind man, chastised and refused service to the woman, and then gave $20 out of his own pocket to the blind man?

Wow…that bitch was a filthy hoe. Hooray for the DQ guy. :)

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Yes, and not in a good way.
Some nosey old busy body in my neighborhood has complained about my cat being outside and now he is confined because of a grievance looking for a cause.
The HOA said this person is allergic. Really…and how can my cat frolicking in my yard set off your allergies if you are not stuffing your face into his fluffy behind?

But ya know…the leash laws in the city. Pffft!

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My neighbor finally mowed his lawn! I’m pretty sure there were plant life and bugs that have yet to be identified by science over there.

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@Coloma: Put some cat food in his yard and the strays will come and hang out there!

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@jca Haha..well..I think that there are already strays cruising around but my guy got called out because he wears a collar and bright red tag which makes him the tattle tale cat because of his visibility. Pffft! People are nuts. lol

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@Dutchess_III This reminded me of a true story that took place somewhere in CA some ten years ago. A male undocumented alien was passed by by an armored truck which door was strangely ajar enough for two big bags containing a few hundred thousand dollars to drop out.

Was a real slow day on that street and no other person saw it happened. The guy brought the money to the police station. If I recall correctly, he walked a lot of blocks to get there.

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