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What color is this hair?

Asked by ashxmy_lovee (161points) August 3rd, 2010

My hair was this color for one day, and then the hairstylist lightened it the next day.
But I think I want to try it again.
What color is this, like what color can I buy at the store that will look like this?

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That’s in the cherry chocolate realm of hair dye. Hair dyes look different on everyone, depending upon what your base hair color is. Take that picture in to your hair stylist and she should be able to get you to that color again.

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And it was this color for one day because I had black hair and was going to a light red, so she couldn’t do it all in one day.

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A very dark auburn

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It’s called copper here – by the way – you’re gorgous! (I’m a girl) lol but wanted to complement you! Depending where you are – XXL hairdye by Schwarzkopf will have that colour… could also be plum… I know it works as I have dark hair and used this :)

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I’d say auburn as well. It looks very nice on you!

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Would Herbal Essences – Spicy Cinnamon work?

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Maybe go to salon services?

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I don’t have that kind of money right now.

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From the picture, Spicy Cinnamon seems to be very similar. But before you dye your hair at home, look up the different reviews for varying companies, that way you’re taking less of a gamble for something to go wrong. :) Good luck.

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It looks like a dark auburn to me too.It’s very pretty by the way :)

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I think you (who looks like Julia Roberts ) need to choose a color based on the package example. Dark auburn does Not have that much red in it as your photo depicts. This is more a dark cinnamon as mentioned above.

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Looks like dark red, possibly hennaed hair. What you use depends on what you start with. Are you blonde, mouse brown, what? Whatever you use if it is a home job will probably be an additive combination with your natural color.

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