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When at work and super bored what do you do to pass the time?

Asked by spincity9080 (225points) August 3rd, 2010

So yeah im at work right now, on watch and freakin bored out of my mind. Was wondering what people do to pass the time at work ? I have found that the maxim website is full with tons of funny ass clips that have been keeping me entertained for the last few hours but im ready for something new?? please help give me your good website ideas and maybe share with some others

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When I worked I rarely was bored, but I played games on the computer or shopped online.

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@perspicacious – well im limited to what websites i can go to. Also to kind of rephrase what i meant im usually busy at work (mechanic) but on days where im required to stay at work overnight and stand watches well after work hours its slow….. so websites are helpful tool to keep one awake…

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I’m self-employed, so I only have myself to be accountable to. My day is a mixture of business, personal and academic projects. If one thing isn’t going anywhere, I switch to something else.

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Internet stuff. I’d look for online word games, or read up on topics i’m interested in, or find sites where i can order stuff (books, beads, natural cleaning products, or whatever fancies me at the time), or just read up on topics that interest me (eg recipes – they’re handy). Or i read a story book. Or i buy a crossword puzzle book and get started on that. Maybe you have a hobby (or can begin a hobby) that is of such a nature that you can bring it to work. I don’t know what else one can do to keep busy at work….maybe get a small tv in there and watch dvd’s and stuff? Oh, and eating is always fun.

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Make music, or find something else to do that won’t make you feel like you’re wasting your time.

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All those are good ideas….but in the military there are rules for rules for the rules….if that even makes sense. I tend to read the news when im stuck up late. But i was more so looking from a break in the norm from reading up on news/ or studying and having a couple of back up websites that have some fun facts and/ or some funny stuff on it to keep me entertained. i cant bring a tv in here, and because im in a ship i dont get cell reception….... Well to make this short all i can basically do is search the web and read…... anything else is out. So i am looking for actual website people go to to keep themselves entertained.

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Do you really need to ask?? I Fluther of course! Fellow Jelly Vunessa posted this link which will kick out some goofy websites that are very amusing. Otherwise stay here and chill with the Jellies!

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@Cruiser I love that. Thanks for posting that link!

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if you want to really impress the boss and move up, think like the boss. Find things to do.

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Depends where you work of course but imagining the attractive gal’s naked was always good for a few hours.Oh & whether they are screamers or mufflers. Good to go!

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@BoBo1946 Always worked best on the boss I found….....who was a woman I hasten to add.

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@ucme LOLL..whatever works my friend!

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@jjmah Don’t thank me, thank Vunessuh!

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@Cruiser That looks like a cool site, I bookmarked it to play with later.

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I sing Lightin’ Hopkins’ tunes at the top of my lungs—but only when I’m alone—;)

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Fluther, poker, nap time. Start cycle over again.

Wait, that is pretty much my day.

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Draw posters & stupid cartoons in Illustrator and make funny pictures of co-workers in Photoshop…

Poster, Awful Cartoon, Unacceptable Photoshop

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Well, I lifeguard and nanny over the summer. Nannying is never boring. :P But for guarding we’ll play roofball, talk, dance, or just do random things when we’re bored.

If you’re in an office environment, you could always do the things Jim does to Dwight in The Office! :] Pull a bunch of pranks like putting someone’s stapler in jello, or just try other things from the show!

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With so many training/educational sites available, I suggest you spend your time working on improving your skills so you can be promoted.

When I was working in an office, there was no such thing as the internet, and I spent my time designing costumes and needlepoint projects.

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I’m not working and bored!

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Get myself fired.

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Bored at work? It is nonstop work for me except for breaks/lunch (which on many occasions I do not even get) until the day/night ends. I wish I could get “bored” at work. Maybe I need a career change.

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@Neizvestnaya Thanks for the sites i will have to check em out.
@Jabe73—you dont need a career change for this. All though it is a garaunteed paycheck it invloves long hours that are busy. Most of my hours our busy just after work hours arent always busy. when we pull out to sea i average 70 hour weeks with no overtime :(

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