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Where do we go while our minds are dreaming?

Asked by shirsoft (23points) August 3rd, 2010

During most of day we are aware of our ourselves. In dreams, however I believe, our minds are told are story to hide what the other half is doing.
What do you think its doing?

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I have no idea, but welcome to fluther..and I starred it because it was a very good question. :P

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Dreams are hallucinations that result from the visual, auditory and spatial awareness parts of the brain remaining active while the rest is asleep. The rest of the brain powers down into a low energy state where it can recover from the day’s demands and prepare itself for the next day. The brain also releases specific neurotransmitters to inhibit the motor signals so you don’t perform the actions you think in your dreams.

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Dreams are magic.

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It’s repairing itself. The body heals- things regenerate….

I had the perfect answer, but then I reread the question and then I got what you were asking! doh!

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I think that even during most of the waking day I don’t know what half my mind is up to. This page from Lynda Barry’s What It Is really captures it for me.

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Good answers to a good question, to which I add one originally used by sci-fi master Philip K. Dick as the title for a novel: “DO ANDROIDS DREAM OF ELECTRIC SHEEP?” (“Blade Runner” was based on that novel.)

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My mind trips along the milky way, around the astroid belt and then the shoes and back to earth again and into my lil head.

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A very good question, but I do not believe that our dreams are hallucinations. I think our dreams reflect that our minds are trying to work out problems/situations. We may not even have become aware of a pending problem or situation, but this does not mean that our mind is unaware of it. We each ten to dream in our own patterns (although a few dream patterns are universal). If you write down your dreams exactly as you experienced them, & then later study them – you will frequently find insights into your life. Not all of your dreams will have serious meaning, but those that do can reveal new worlds to you.

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@Linda_Owl Hallucinations aren’t necessarily meaningless. Out of body experiences are a classic example of hallucination-type events that can lend insight and meaning to a situation. Dreams are, like hallucinations, the result of spatial awareness and visual systems constructing an apparent environment that does not directly reflect the real environment. This does not necessarily mean that it is disconnected from abstract reasoning or memory regions of the brain, just that they are fictional fantasies.

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I like this question.I think it’s our brain trying to resolve all the input it has seen that day or in the past. ... Sometimes with favorful result and sometimes not. (nightmares) adding our wants, needs, and desires Subconsciously.

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