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What career pathway should I choose?

Asked by Brenna_o (1776points) August 3rd, 2010

I cannot decide which career I want to pick. Based on my skills do any of you jellies have any ideas for me?
I love/am good at/want
Helping people
Being around people
I love kids
A fast moving day
To make a difference in others lives
Good paycheck
Reasonable hours
Full time job
2–4 years college (if necessairy)

Based on these facts do you jellies have any idea of a good career choice for me?

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I suggest, teacher. It’s one of the few career choices I can respect and it sounds like you would like doing that. Minus the good paycheck and maybe a couple of other things on your list.

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Medical or teaching jobs.

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Those are the perfect qualifications for being a High School Football Coach.

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Teaching fits all those, except good paycheck, but it’s decent and you get a good retirement.

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What are your academic interests? Are there any particular fields that interest you? There are many careers that fit that description.

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I am okay in math, i love to write, I am a pretty good problem solver. Hmm.. I am a total band geek. Science and I dont mix unless its marine biology, or horticulture/natural resources. I absolutely love history and I am a visual learner.

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Or, try working at a Boys’ and Girls’ Club or the Y.

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Nursing would fit the bill perfectly.
Helping people: Check.
Being around people: Check.
I love kids: Pediatric nursing, maybe?
A fast moving day: It does move fast. Even faster in an emergency room or intensive care unit.
To make a difference in others lives: Check.
Good paycheck: Absolutely. Nurses are in high demand. At some hospitals, nurses are paid as much if not more than doctors.
Reasonable hours: Shift work is possible (8 hour shifts, typically).
Full time job: Check.
2–4 years college (if necessairy): Well, you do need to go to nursing school, but the payoff is there at the end.

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@Brenna_o Maybe you should try psychology or counselling. Not many professions help people as much, or deal with people who need so much help. Maybe social work with disadvantaged kids such as foster kids would satisfy your wish to work with children too.

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I’m not sure how much Science is involved in a Nursing education. If that’s not a problem for you, @shipolo makes good points.

If that’s problematic for you and teaching appeals to you, being trained in a Special Ed. or speech pathology may give you better opportunities money-wise.

Another possibility is specializing in Physical Rehab for either children or adults. That’s a rewarding field where you are helping people with a wide variety of injuries/disabilities.

The important thing is to find something you truly love to do which gets you excited to get out of bed and go to work each day. It’s nice if it also pays really really well but going to an unfulfilling job just for a fat paycheck can really take its toll over a lifetime in countless ways.

There are many teachers who are not the financially richest in the world but have riches immeasurable in a lifetime of doing what they truly loved and memories of all the lives they’ve touched.

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