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Does it take a lot of "activities" by your s/o to make you jealous?

Asked by Aster (19967points) August 4th, 2010

After a few years suffering with my ex through his mad crushes on girls half his age, sneaking around and suffering through my insane jealousy I can’t take Any foolishness anymore. I’d walk out. Not proud of it and wish I were different. How about you? Are you tolerant of your s/o emailing others? Talking on the phone with them? Having coffee or worse? Or can you look the other way and laugh it off?

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My So does not do those things. If he did, he would not be my SO. I have no tolerance for that kind of flirt.

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@marinelife Ditto. And something that they don’t consider degrading is while they’re doing this stuff they still expect dinner, a smile on your face and clean laundry!! No.Can.Do.

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I am not sure how to answer this question. My S/O does have female friends that he emails and sometimes spends time with. These are mostly women that he knows from being active in our faith and it is in the context of the faith that they interact. He never does any of these things behind my back, there is full-disclosure and I trust him completely. Now, if he was interacting with women in the sense that he was flirting and pursuing a relationship behind my back (or right in front of my face for that matter), I would have a serious problem with it and be gone like a shot.

It is interesting to me how a question can seem cut and dried upon first glance, but then more thought changes my response completely!

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One of my early girlfriends was very social and I did find myself occasionally jealous of her friends as I wondered whether her affections for them threatened mine. I haven’t put it to the test, but I think I’ve gotten past this line of thinking. A more recent girlfriend I sometimes wished was more social.

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So long as she sleeps with fewer than four other men on any given occasion, I’m cool.

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With my own partner I’ve expressed my boundaries basically stop at when there is something I’d rather he/I not know or hear about and to not make those actions in the first place. We are in agreement of what we expect from each other which makes enjoying each other and friends non threatening, not distracting.

“No” activities:
webcam flirting
sexting others
exchanging intimate pics/videos
“happy ending” massages
lap dances/blowjobs from strippers
“mad” dating- going out with others when not happy with partner in order to make the point of being able to get what you want elsewhere.

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My partner has friends of both sexes and so do I.
Texting, emailing, phoning, going out for coffee or lunch or to the pub, or to pursue individual hobbies with them, are all activities that are permitted. Our list of prohibited activities would be similar to the one @Neizvestnaya posted.

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